Judges favor Hamilton? Red Bull thunders at the Saudi Arabia GP

The end of the 2021 season by Lewis Hamilton is amazing. After a big hole in the middle of the season, the Brit returned to the winning tracks and made up for the loss to Max Verstappen in the general classification of Formula 1. On Sunday, the defender won the titles in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, which was his third successive victory! The Dutchman finished right behind him.

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The tension in both Mercedes and Red Bull is therefore reaching its zenith. It is already known that the issue of the championship will be decided in the last race of this season. The one who takes the higher position will be awarded the title of world champion. The Bahrain Grand Prix, which will take place in just a week, promises to be very interesting.

Hamilton-Verstappen collision in the Saudi Arabia Grand PrixThis moment decided the fate of the race. A strange collision between Hamilton and Verstappen [WIDEO]

Red Bull accuses judges. “Different rules apply to different people”

Emotions began to spread, however, in Saudi Arabia. Sunday’s race has sparked a lot of controversy, which has surfaced recently every time Verstappen and Hamilton compete. This time the Dutchman was punished by the judges twice. First for overtaking his rival off the track, then for braking just ahead of the Brit.

The representatives of the Verstappen team definitely disagree with these decisions. In addition, they accuse the judges of supporting Hamilton. – The regulations make it clear that you cannot take a break of more than 10 cars length when driving behind the safety car. Meanwhile, Hamilton did it. That’s why it was better able to heat the tires before the restart, Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko told Servus TV. – We want to prove it with the data. It seems that different rules apply to different people, ‘Marko added.

Hamilton caught up with Verstappen!  Before the last race of the season, both of them have exactly 369.5 pointsHamilton caught up with Verstappen! Before the last race of the season, both of them have exactly 369.5 points

The Austrian also does not agree with the judges’ opinion on the braking situation. It was all Hamilton’s fault, he stated. – He misjudged the situation. On top of that, it also had an impact on our pace because we had a cut in the rear tire and Max couldn’t push at that pace anymore – concluded Marko.

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