Julia Fox and the new frontier of XXL hair

Julia Fox is one of the very latest to have followed and strengthened the XXL hair trend, already shown last year on the Versace catwalk and then followed by other celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Chiara Ferragni.

Julia Fox throws – or rather strengthens – another trending beauty. Again we talk about hair and the model gave an inspiration precious in view of the Christmas holidays. In recent months (if not years), stars and models by mutual agreement have decreed that the length is a must have. So why not make it exquisitely over the top? The one recently proposed by Julia Fox is one length what to define XXL it may not even be correct.

Julia Fox XXL hair
Julia Fox. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Through a shot on social media, the model has shown that it is possible to exaggerate without regretting it. The merit is of course extensions, since it would be difficult to put on all that amount of hair in one night. But it is an increasingly widespread practice among stars, that of extensions, and in view of Christmas may exceed expectations. But why do they like them so much? When Julia Fox walks the catwalk, it’s impossible to distract attention. Although she fueled the gossip with her relationship then foundered with Kanye West, the model has always hung out in the fashion world. Beloved by Roberto Cavalli, Versace And La Quan Smithdoes not miss the opportunity to demonstrate its most glamorous side.

XXL hair like Julia Fox’s perfect for Christmas 2022

And recently, the passion blossomed for the drastic length of her hair that skims the floor, like a blanket that wraps around her head, shoulders, back and legs. A sense of warmth and well-being that goes perfectly with the seasonal need of Winter 2022 and it is also for this reason that it sets the trend without difficulty. To do justice to its beauty it is the hairstylist Evanie Frausto, who documented the behind the scenes of a photoshoot in which Julia Fox shows off a very long and rigorously jet-black hair. The photo shoot in question is for the ES magazine. Looking at the image, it is possible to notice how Julia Fox’s XXL hair touches the floor, reaching the tip of her boots, as if she were Rapunzel.

Julia Fox hair XXL trend
Julia Fox. Credits: Instagram via screenshot – VelvetMag

Divided by a central line and with a very smooth fold so as to remember the famous liquid hair also appreciated by Clare Ferragni, the model fully channels the trend. Furthermore, extensions seem to be a must have for hairstylist Evanie Frausto. In addition, carefully observing the shots taken for the photoshoot, Julia Fox also follows the trend of lightened eyebrows, in stark contrast with the dark and very long hair. Shortly before, too Jennifer Aniston followed the same beauty trend, for a different photoshoot. The actress of The Morning Showalso famous for Friends with which he conquered the beauty addicts with the Rachel Cut, has proposed its XXL version. The hair, fitted with extensions, is honey-colored and reaches waist height. Both the model and the actress then promptly removed the extensions, as shown by subsequent shots from social networks and red carpets. Tempting as it is, the XXL hair trend requires extreme care and isn’t meant to be permanent when you consider the immense effort involved. But to enrich the Christmas holidays it is certainly a valid proposition.

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