Julia Roberts and the art of remaining a Hollywood superstar at 55 (learned from Meryl Streep)

And then how not to mention Ticket to Paradisethe comedy with friend George Clooneypresented in recent months with a great display of looks: she finds him again after having acted with him for the last time in Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster. For the occasion, the two moved to Australia, where they also remained rather isolated due to Covid. She was alone, while George had his whole family with him.

Not just cinema

UNICEF Ambassador and philanthropist, Julia Roberts also received the Humanitarian Award and, during the award ceremony, he confessed to a past being bullied due to shyness.
But don’t call her America’s sweetheart because this Academy Award-winning star has truly accomplished the miracle to alternate romantic comedies, indeed very romantic (like My best friend’s Wedding), to pure entertainment roles as in Ocean’s Eleven and Twelvebut also committed films such as Erin Brockovich.

Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovichmovie player

If we have to sum up on her, we can certainly say: always shrewd choices, a well-managed image heritage and – always in mind – the example of the great forerunner, Meryl Streep. Applause.

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