Julia Roberts, George Clooney and a secret revealed

The actress will soon be back with a new romantic comedy, starring Clooney. And she reveals that …

Julia Roberts loves to laugh and be funny, even in the cinema, and yet we haven’t seen her star in a romantic comedy for twenty years. The explanation for the star is simple: “People sometimes misunderstand the amount of time it has been since I made a romantic comedy with the idea that I didn’t want to do one. But if I had read something over the years I thought it was at the writing level of ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Notting Hill’ or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, I would have accepted it. “

When the script for “Ticket to Paradise” fell into her hands, under the guidance of director and screenwriter Ol Parker, she decided to break the artistic fast of this trend, also because her partner is George Clooney, a condition set for accept the project. Getting back into the rhythms and timing of romantic comedy, for Julia Roberts, was easy, although she admits, it’s been a really long time: “You get into the mode where the endorphins go off when you do something smart and people say ‘Oh! ‘. For me it is a joy to go back to acting in that dimension where the only thought is to create fun. “

In these twenty years the actress has dedicated herself above all to the personal sphere: she married Danny Moder, she had three children: “And this raises the bar even more” – she confesses – “because she is no longer alone ‘this project is good ? ‘. It’s also about balancing my husband’s working hours, children’s school hours and summer holidays. The thought of wanting to do something isn’t worth it anymore. “

Written by director Ol Parker with Daniel Pipski, “Ticket to Paradise“is produced by George Clooney and Julia Roberts themselves through their respective production houses, Smokehouse Pictures and Red Om Films, under the aegis and supervision of Universal.

Shot in Queensland, Australia, the film is the story of a divorced couple who join forces and travel to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they made 25 years earlier by getting caught in a rash marriage. What will happen to the two protagonists during their stay on the Indonesian island? Will they succeed or will this be an opportunity to rekindle the spark of true love between the two? We will find out in October, when the film is scheduled to release.

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