Julia Roberts in Notting Hill and that trendy 90s style

Anna Scott (aka Julia Roberts): the Hollywood diva from the “lo fi” wardrobe

She may have made an aesthetic faux pas – asking Will Thacker (Hugh Grant) to love her in flip flops – but Anna Scott, the character played by Julia Roberts in the 1999 film Notting Hill, perfectly embodies that “low definition” style characteristic of the last decade of the last century and which is now experiencing a sensational revival. Though she’s a Hollywood star, Scott actually seems to live in Vans Old Skool sneakers, leather jackets, and beanies. You would think she’s more of an off-duty model (Bella Hadid, does she ring a bell?) than a successful actress, perpetually regimented in terms of food, as she herself admits (“I’ve been on a diet since I was nineteen, which practically it means I’ve been hungry for a decade»).

Twenty years before Zendaya, Hailey, Bella and the others

Hair done up in French braids, dressed in a pearlescent kimono-like jacket paired with a khaki waistcoat and dark wash jeans, Anna is reminiscent of Zendaya’s Rue Bennett on the series Euphoria, a tomboy with an eye for vintage, whose Sino-Japanese-inspired vest by Jean Paul Gaultier steals the show from every other fashion item that appears in the first episode of the second season. With her blue knit twin set, however, Anna seems to anticipate by over twenty years the Hailey Bieber photographed with a crop top by Jacquemus, even without the relative display of sculpted abs. And, again, how can we fail to see a parallel between the shirt and tie worn by Anna in the scene of the press conference at the Ritz and the tailored three-piece (shirt, waistcoat and trousers) by the Turkish-British designer Dilara Findikoglu in which Bella Hadid was photographed at a Vivienne Westwood after-party during Paris Fashion Week in February 2020? Okay, maybe we got carried away…

Photo by Clive Coote/Polygram/Kobal/Shutterstock.

That unforgettable statement in flip flops

Scott’s everyday style – nondescript sunglasses, white T-shirts and pinstriped pants – has an air of authenticity, even reach, precisely because it is. In the sequence where Anna confesses to Will in the bookshop where he works, Julia Roberts was wearing the clothes she had arrived on the set in that day. The reason? She had realized that the stage clothes in which she was supposed to shoot were just a costume, a disguise. Anna’s clothes were supposed to look real as she opens her heart to Will. Too bad that, for Julia, this meant cardigan, above-the-knee skirt and flip-flops… But tastes are tastes.

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