Julia Roberts loves this low cost, natural beauty ingredient

One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood with her unmistakable smile, she has a timeless beauty. Yes why Julia Robertsat 54, still looks young and her beauty secret lies inolive oil.

The actress who has always followed a healthy diet and a life without excesses, has added to this lifestyle also products able to make the skin hydrated, the hair silky and the hands soft to caress. What better ingredient than extra virgin olive oil can do all this?

Just a small amount left to act overnight e the results will be truly excellent, without spending a fortune. Taking a cue from the actress of “Pretty Woman”, you can take advantage of low cost olive oil products, all able to give you a young and rested look just like Julia Roberts. All that remains is to try them and insert them into your skincare.

To say goodbye to frizzy hair

Julia Roberts’ curly and red hair has been tamed over the years to flaunt an elegant and refined look. For eliminate the unpleasant frizz effect the Garnier Ultra Dolce mask with olive oil proves to be an irreplaceable ally. Rich in Omega 3 and 9 and antioxidant vitamin E it manages to nourish the hair thoroughly and to regenerate them from the tips to the roots, so the hair will be ready to regain its natural splendor, but above all a soft and shiny effect.

To regenerate hands and nails

In summer or winter the hands are one of the parts of the body more exposed to bad weather and Julia Roberts knows well that she has included extra virgin olive oil in her routine. To achieve the same result as the American actress, the Tesori di Provence nourishing hand balm, made with organic ingredients, makes the hands soft. There creamy texture characterized by an elegant floral essence, it envelops them, protects them and at the same time leaves no residue.

Facial skin moisturized and shiny

Dry skin caused by poor hydration can return a dull look! The olive oil from controlled organic cultivation, contained within the Florena day cream, ensures up to 24 hours of hydration for softer and smoother skin. The low cost treatment is also safe because it is free of mineral oils, silicones and artificial dyes, for a real star result.


Florena face cream

Florena face cream

The olive oil-based cream moisturizes the skin deeply

For young skin

In addition to the moisturizer in the beauty routine of every woman, including Julia Roberts, it can never be missing anti-aging cream and the one based on olive oil from Tesori di Provence is suitable for all skin types. By applying the product daily you can say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines forever and give to the skin deep hydration and a brightness that will make you shine day after day. Moreover, thanks to the pleasant scent of jasmine and mimosa, you will be inebriated by a delicate aroma.

To remove makeup gently

The American actress never goes to bed without removing her make-up first. One of the fundamental rules for healthy skin can become even more effective if you include La Provençale micellar water, made with organic olive oil, in your skincare. The product effectively eliminates impurities and traces of make-up. The result? A clean, make-up-free and purified skin in just a few steps.

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