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Thanks to films like ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, Julia Roberts she starred in some of the best romantic comedies ever. But then she stopped attending this type of film and for twenty years she devoted herself to something else: the fast ended thanks to ‘Ticket to Paradise’, which she plays alongside George Clooney and which will be released in cinemas in the course of autumn 2022 (October 21 in the United States, we still don’t know).

Because she went back to romantic comedy

Speaking to The New York Times, Julia Roberts said that “people often feel that I no longer want to act in a romantic comedy and they draw this conclusion from the number of years since my last experience in that field.” But the truth is another: “I would have done it if I had read a script with the writing level of ‘Notting Hill’ or with the crazy fun of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. But scripts of this type didn’t come into my hands until Ol Parker’s film. “The reference is, in fact, to ‘Ticket to Paradie’, written and directed by the author of ‘Imagine Me & You’, ‘Now Is Good ‘and’ Mamma Mia! Here we go again ‘.

‘Ticket to Paradise’, the film with George Clooney

The plot of ‘Ticket to Paradise’ tells of Wren and her best friend Lily, who take a vacation in Bali after graduating from college. Here Lily suddenly decides to marry a local boy and this prompts her divorced parents (played by Julia Roberts and George Clooney) to try to prevent their daughter from making the same mistake they made twenty-five years earlier. Meanwhile, Wren also finds love in a Bali doctor.

The enthusiasm of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has only words of praise for ‘Ticket to Paradise’ and claims she was convinced to play it not just because the script was level. His three children have in fact “raised the bar: for me it is no longer just a matter of understanding if the script is valid, but also of finding the right balance with my husband’s commitments and with those of my children and in general those of the family. I am very proud to be a housewife and mother of a family“In short, the return of Julia Roberts to romantic comedy comes after a very long wait, but thanks to a title that marries a lot. Or at least, this is Roberts’ belief: we’ll see if audiences and critics agree.

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