Julia Roberts: the tropical chic hairstyle in her new film

Julia Roberts returns to the cinema with the new romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise alongside George Clooney. Set on the enchanting island of Bali, it is the perfect excuse to show off the most chic and dreamy collected hairstyle of the summer.

Julia Roberts, the new tropical and romantic look

Twenty-one years later Ocean’s Eleven, Julia Roberts back to the big screen together with George Clooney with the film Ticket to Paradise which will be released in Italian cinemas on 6 October 2022. In the meantime, however, we have a taste with the trailer that has just been released, in which the 54-year-old actress is radiant in the enchanted setting of the tropics.

A scene from the movie “Ticket to Paradise”. (IPA photo)

Set in Bali (but actually shot in Australian Queensland) the new one rom-com tells the skirmishes of two former spouses, who find themselves on theisland tropical in view of the marriage of the daughter. And it is little but sure that the highly sought after hair look of her, perfect to copy into vacation but not only that, they will have a decisive role in history.

The crown braid, chic and anti-frizz

In the first available scenes we already have an idea of ​​the styles that Roberts will show off in the film. From loose hair with perfectly sculpted waves on the plane, al voluminous top bun flaunted in the exotic garden, up to the simple braid with the straw hat great for the boat trip.

But the real protagonist is there side crown braidwhich starts directly from the forehead and turns into a soft, low chignon in the back.

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A refined and a bit fairytale hairstyle with lots of fresh flowers, to give a touch of pink that does not hurt withfolk-chic dress signed Etro. Perfect to (maybe) fall in love again after a long time. But also to manage thefrizz effect of the natural wavy hair, inevitable with humidity and high summer temperatures. Because sometimes a simple one Braid well done can do much better than many chemicals.


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