Julia Rosnowska is raising a child without specifying its gender? The actress commented

Julia Rosnowska on raising a child

The actress gained popularity thanks to her role in the TVN series “Julia”, in which she played the title character. In June 2019, she became a mother. Julia Rosnowska she gave birth at home in the presence of her partner and two midwives. – And it happened! A few days ago I experienced the most difficult and at the same time the most amazing day of my life. In the morning, Little Man was born in our house! (…) Little Man has no name yet. We slowly get to know him, look at him and wonder who he looks like – wrote the actress a few days after giving birth.

Recently, information appeared in the media that Julia Rosnowska is raising a child in the “no gender” or “gender neutral” trend, the aim of which is to enable offspring to grow up without assigned social roles related to gender. There were also information in the texts that the actress has a son whom she addresses neutrally.

Julia Rosnowska decided to comment on this information. – A friend sent me an article about how I raise a child in the spirit of “gender neutral” – without specifying gender. At the same time, all of these articles state the gender of my child. I do not understand why and I have some doubts whether the authors of the articles have done such in-depth research to be sure – or are they just guessing. I have never given my gender anywhere on my social media. I try to write about the child neutrally and it would be nice if the authors of these news would respect my decision – the actress wrote in an Instagram post.

In the following sentences Julia Rosnowska explained why she had made the decision not to write publicly about her child’s gender. – This is simply due to respect for my child’s privacy. For the same reason, I don’t use my name on Instagram and I don’t show my face. At the same time, it does NOT mean that I do not address my child with specific personal pronouns. (No. In private I am not talking about my child and my child as “it”). Privately, my child has a gender, also has a name and a face. I know – shocking. I just want to (as far as possible) avoid a situation where in a few years, when Bombelini grows up and enters his name and surname in a search engine, he will find there the entire narrative about his life and the person whom he had no influence on, because my mother was crazy about the internet. I would like my child to be able to shape the narrative about himself, and the expression of his gender and sexuality is one of the elements that I want to be influenced by SELF – we read in the post.

The actress also added that apart from the guesswork she drew attention to, there is also a lot of truth in the articles. – My child wears all the clothes and colors of the rainbow he thinks are pretty and plays with all the toys he thinks are fun. When he wants to paint nails and lips with me, I take out varnishes and lipsticks, and then we drive cars around the salon. His hairstyle is what he wants to have at the moment. When we read a book and the picture shows a child with long hair and a pink blouse, we do not immediately assume that it is a girl. And when the child in the picture has short hair and blue shorts – I do not immediately suggest that it is a boy. My child does not really understand the concept of gender so far. And when that changes, maybe my attitude to using it in public will also change. For now, I am giving my child a space that he can define himself. But let’s make an agreement – the space he has at home is just a drop in the ocean anyway, because every day in the park he meets comments about his appearance, clothes and gender. And I am sure that one day, probably soon, he will come back from kindergarten or school and throw his favorite thing (clothes, accessories, toys …) into the corner, because someone said it was for a boy / girl. And then my heart will break quietly – wrote Rosnowska.

Julia Rosnowska gave birth!  The delivery took place at home.  The police knocked on the door
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Upbringing “gender neutral” or “no gender” – what is it

Upbringing in this trend arouses many emotions, because parents who choose it often refer to their children with the use of a neutral pronoun, ie “it” instead of “she”, “he”. The purpose of this procedure is to enable children to determine their own gender when they are aware of it. The “gender neutral” trend also assumes equal treatment of children, regardless of gender, and not imposing on them things that are not of their interest (this applies to toys or clothes, among others). The task of parents, however, is to listen carefully to the needs of the child and help her be herself.

As reported in the media, world-class stars have decided to raise without gender differentiation, incl. Adele, Angelina Jolie, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Hudson, and Will Smith.

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