Julia Wieniawa dreams of the role of Angelina Jolie

He sings, dances, plays in series and on the big screen. We could watch her as a charming teenager in “”, a prostitute with a difficult past in “It’s Always Worth” or as a rebellious gangster’s daughter in “Women of the Mafia”. However, Julia Wieniawa still has an appetite for more. The young actress told her fans what job she dreams of.

Julia Wieniawa with a dream role. The name was Jolie

During a conversation with her Instagram followers, the actress was asked about her professional aspirations. “I dream of many roles. I would like to play something strong that would be a great acting challenge for me. For example, I was always delighted with the role of Angelina Jolie in the movie “Interrupted Music Lesson”. I am also passionate about historical films. That would be something “ – admitted Wieniawa.

It also turns out that the star does not like watching herself on the screen, because she is never fully satisfied with her acting role. “It is rather embarrassing to me. I always feel that I could do it better, I could change something “– said the actress.

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Julia Wieniawa on Instagram

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