Julia Wieniawa is the Polish Ariana Grande? He sings a cover of Raindrops

Julia Wieniawa
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Julia Wieniawa gained considerable popularity thanks to her role in the series. However, over the years, she also developed a musical career. Her singles were appreciated by listeners, but the cover she put on TikTok today caused a real frenzy. This is the Polish Ariana Grande ?!

Julia Wieniawa is currently one of the top celebrities in Poland. Her career has gained a frenetic pace in recent years. And it all started with a role in the series With time, Julia Wieniawa became involved in new projects and industries. The star took off with two brands, and also tried her strength as a singer.

The star’s greatest musical success so far has been the single I do not need, which went double platinum. Julia Wieniawa released it in 2018. She has released a few more tracks since then. The newest one is called For Free.

Julia Wieniawa also tries her strength in covers. Her performance of Ariana Grande is impressive!


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Julia Wieniawa covers Ariana Grande

Julia Wieniawa caused a lot of emotions! Is this the Polish Ariana Grande ?! A recording in which Julia Wieniawa sings a cover of the song Raindrops has hit the network.

This delighted her observers!

– Angelic voice ❤️

– Beautiful

– Beautiful

– I fell in love with your voice beautifully 😍🥺

The fans are delighted.

It’s hard to disagree with these comments!

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