Julio Urias knew about LA DA’s office decision

news about the past few months Julio Urias They make us wary of the possibility of playing a team like this again. Major League Baseball.

Let’s remember that now the team’s former pitcher Los Angeles Dodgersis on administrative leave major leagueAfter facing domestic violence charges against his wife.

The case occurred in September 2023. Since then, Julio Urias Participated in several cases at the judicial level and organizational level dodgers exist major.

Although the case had been pending for weeks, on January 9, new information came to light directly related to the Aztec pitcher.

«News: The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has decided not to file felony charges against former Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias. “The case will be forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office for interim criminal filing consideration.”

It would appear that the Latin pitcher will have the opportunity to clarify his situation for a small fee.

This will be Julio Urias Will be able to re-sign with the team Major League Baseball? , apparently we’re going to solve this mystery soon.

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