July 2, 2006, Little Miss Sunshine comes out

The most beautiful comedy of the first decade of the 21st century, intelligent, caustic, but also delicate, reconciling and even liberating. Fantastic mockery of one of the most abominable costumes of American culture, that of beauty pageants for girls: for Little Miss Sunshine about twenty were recruited, rigged and dressed exactly for their competitions (with some results, frankly monstrous). The film, an American indie classic launched at the Sundance Festival, and directed by a couple (Jonathan Dayton And Valerie Fariswhich will then turn very few after this), grows slowly to become a cult even in the main circuit, and will have four Oscar nominations, with two victories: one for the screenplay, a jewel, and for the magnificent interpretation of Alan Arkin, grandfather cocaine addict and very foul-mouthed. Also very good Greg Kinnear in the part of the freak motivator who go to USA so much, Abigail Breslin in the role of the baby competitor (nomination at 10 years of age!), Paul Dano in that of the budding young nihilist, e Steve Carellat the time almost unknown and which here shows all its value, before the first-rate parts in the recent ones Foxcatcher And The big bet.

So many memorable moments, but the final scene to the rhythm of Superfreak alone is worth the price of the ticket.

Other recurrences

  • 1953is born Giuseppe Piccioni, director of Out of this world And The life I would like
  • 1972dies Betty Grableactress of How to marry a millionaire And Women and diamonds
  • 1980goes out The craziest plane in the world from Zucker and Abrahamsthe first film in a series of zany parodies
  • 1989dies Franklin J. Shaffnerdirector of Planet of the Apes, The boys from Brazil And Patton (Oscar for Direction 1970)
  • 1986is born Lindsay Lohanactress of Mean girls And Radio America
  • 1997dies James Stewartone of the greatest actors of classic Hollywood, Scandal in Philadelphia (Oscar 1941), Life is wonderful, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, what else to say?
  • 1999dies Mario Puzowriter and screenwriter de The Godfather And Superman
  • 2016dies Michael CiminoUSA director de The hunter And The year of the dragon

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