“Juras” honestly about plans, KSW and Legia. “I haven’t seen a mountain like this in 26 years.”

  • The December KSW 65 gala in Gliwice will be a breakthrough – for the first time in history, the fight will not be broadcast by Polsat, but by the Viaplay platform. Thus, the federation is parting ways not only with the broadcaster, but also with the cult commentator duo “Juras” and Andrzej Janisz
  • The former MMA fighter in an interview with Onet revealed that his future will be connected not only with the UFC and the “Ninja Warrior Polska” program he is hosting, but also with a new project at Polsat. – Neither KSW nor Viaplay are able to offer me anything to convince me – admitted Jurkowski
  • The commentator also mentioned the best moment of his long adventure with KSW, and also told us about his feelings about the current situation of Legia Warsaw. She has lost the last seven matches in the league. – Every mountain can be cleared sooner or later – said “Juras”
  • More such texts can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

Radek Sendra: It is difficult to imagine KSW without you and Andrzej Janisz.

Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski, former MMA fighter and sports commentator: There are no irreplaceable people, above all. It is known that there is sentiment all these years, but sooner or later it was inevitable. I don’t treat things as eternal, especially in the TV industry.

I took this information without a lot of “wow” or pressure or regret or sadness, and did not go to drink. It’s the normal way of things, this is how TV works. At KSW, we had a very large sine wave of emotions – both positive and negative. One of the chapters closes … but the next one opens, I’m after some conversations. Too early for details, but we stay in Polsat.

When did you hear about the move to Viaplay?

I’ve heard the rumors. A few days earlier, I learned that the contract had already been signed, so it was natural for me, as a man associated with Polsat for several years, that my adventure ends here. Neither KSW nor Viaplay can offer me anything to convince me.

And they tried?

No, but it’s logical. I am also associated with Polsat through other programs and the running of Ninja Warrior. There would be no such offer that I would even wonder. I am loyal to the people who once trusted me and I value this loyalty.

Polsat already broadcast the second gala in Warsaw’s Mariotta, in July 2004. How do you perceive these 17 years?

This is a leap in terms of the entire discipline in every way. From how sport has changed, through the very perception of this sport, and ending with popularity. 300 people at the Champions restaurant, and then 57 thousand. at the National Stadium.

The victory with Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou at KSW 39 in Warsaw is your most important moment in KSW?

The most important moment is the same exit at the National Stadium. Nothing beats that.

The foundation on which the federation was built were tournaments. You won the first of them, in the next two he lost in the final. Should they come back?

It will be hard to convince anyone to fight three matches in one evening. It is unlikely to succeed.

Unless we were talking about “Don Cassio”.

Please tell yourself about him. It’s not my cup of tea.

What are your plans for the future?

The contract with Polsat and UFC is signed for a long time, there is a lot to do. A new chapter is also opening, as I said. I have things to do. I have so much work that I don’t have time for a vacation after “Dancing with the Stars”, and it’s been two months now.

Your voice is associated with the fight that changed the Polish MMA scene.

You know, it’s very nice. I am glad that over the course of so many years, together with Andrzej Janisz, we have managed to build a brand and say a few iconic texts that function in the subculture to this day.

And in everyday life? Relatives say “troubles, Juras’s troubles”?

It happens, it happens. They will operate with these texts all the time.

And how to heal the troubles of the Legion? Is the dismissal of Czesław Michniewicz a good move?

I am not a supporter of dismissing coaches as often as it is in Polish clubs. I’m not here to fix either. First of all, I’ve been a fan for 26 years, and in those 26 years I haven’t seen a mountain like this now. But every mountain can be cleared away sooner or later. We are wasted this season, but let that allow for something good later. I am an optimist in life. I hope and believe that we will recover from this in a moment.

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