“Juric does not want to waste energy in discussions. 8 important players have left, we are waiting for the substitutes”


Matteo Paro

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The assistant coach of the Turin, Matteo Paroinstead of Mr. Juric, he will shortly comment on the Italian Cup match with the Palermo.

We are happy to see her, but how come Juric is not there?
“The coach is very focused on the technical aspect and on coaching the boys, so let’s say he can’t waste energy in various discussions. I’m here to tackle the theme of the match and the technical aspects. ) “.

We saw a two-faced Torino: in the first half it was slower in its movements, in the second, after I imagine a few words said in the interval, we saw a team more determined and eager to win the game. Do you agree?

“Yes, in the first half we say that we were a little too eager and we were a bit messy on the pitch. We had prepared the game in a certain way especially in the attack phase and we couldn’t find the passing lines so when we lost the ball we were subject to restarts from the opponents. In the second half we adjusted. We calmed down the boys a bit and we found more prepared plays and we built more and did well. “

Juric has not spoken since the end of last season: will his silence end in view of the match against Monza, given that the fans would like to know his thoughts?
“I think that the coach first of all and then we of the staff are very focused on coaching the boys and improving them. We have a couple of new grafts to insert and I think that as far as the market is concerned, a lot has already been said and the comparison with the club it is continuous. Everyone knows what we need, as staff we are focused on training and preparing for the next game “

What do you think of the market so far and of the new players, especially after the sale of Bremer?
“Eh, I think we have lost eight important players and we have to replace them. This has been said, you know. We as staff work on the pitch and await news”.

His embarrassment is understandable, but does it seem that with some quality grafts the team that masks the gaps can improve?
“I repeat, we have lost many important players. Not only us, but in general the coaches and staff need time and work to build something. The sooner we have the substitutes, the better. As staff we hope they will arrive soon.”

Can you give a judgment on Radonjic?
“He played in important teams and certainly has the qualities of a great player, but he has to learn many things in many phases of the game, but he is a guy who has ideas, technique, shooting and header: he has many weapons at his disposal to be fast it’s dangerous”

What evaluation do you give to the performance of Buongiorno and Seck?
“Good morning is a guy who has come a long way, is super concentrated and applied and works a lot. He prepares himself on the opposing player who has to mark. He exalts himself in the game. We rely heavily on him. He is also growing physically and I hope he continues. to improve.
Seck has the means and for his experience he has played and trained very little. How long will it take to grow? Little hope. He has to improve in finishing and be a little more immediate and quick. He also has to find balance, not get down on when he makes a mistake and find stability. He can do it by continuing to work quietly because he still has important means “

Today there were many players not called up including Izzo, Verdi and Zaza. Are they no longer part of the technical project?
“Yes, it was a technical choice for everyone”

Milincovic-Savic played in goal, did you reverse the hierarchy with Berisha?
“Yes, in this retreat Vanya did very well so we preferred him for the official competition. For now he has done well and for this match we chose him “

Will you make weekly choices for the goal or will there be a starter in the league?
“Eh, we had already held dualism last year. With them we go step by step in retreat Vanya did well and we preferred him “

Is the good second half and the goals a good spur for the first of the championship against Monza in eight days?
“When you do well, you win and you feel good on the pitch it helps more than anything else for the job. The team needed a real match with the result out of the way to prepare for the championship. We made mistakes and we will face them with the team. guys and others we have done better and must be kept in. This week we will work to face Monza. It will be a difficult game because the team has changed a lot and has taken on so many good players. It has enthusiasm as well as the whole environment for the promotion in A league”

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