Juric pre Napoli-Torino: “For once I would like to win without deserving it”

On the eve of the eighth day of the championship for Torino, which tomorrow – Saturday 1 October – at 15:00 will challenge Spalletti’s Napoli at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. The technician Ivan Juric presents the match at a press conference in the meeting with journalists: we are connected live from the Grande Torino Olympic stadium.

09.35 – Juric arrived in the conference room, soon the go.

How did the two weeks of rest go and how did you arrive at the match against Napoli?

“A small group of players stayed here and worked hard and well. I saw another group of players yesterday for the first time. There are always doubts because we don’t know if and how they recovered. Let’s hope they are well, we have to. play on intuition. Tomorrow’s game? At the moment, Napoli are among the best-playing teams. Giuntoli has made a masterpiece of the transfer market, he got it all right, and Spalletti is transforming all this into a great game. It will obviously be a game. hard”.

What do you expect from your Taurus tomorrow?

“Immediately after the game against Sassuolo I was a bit down, then I saw it again calmly. We didn’t deserve to lose, maybe you could even win it, certainly not lose it. I want my team to continue playing and trying to improve, even though we know that Napoli have physical strength, a terrifying pace and a truly beautiful game. From my parents I would like them to bring home a result; an important result is a piece that we have been missing even from last year. I don’t remember situations in which we win without deserving one hundred percent, like Sassuolo against us. We have to grow in detail, in knowing how to bring the result home. We lack malice, cunning, perhaps it has to do with the fact that we have many players who come from different leagues. But we need to improve in the ability to bring the episodes to our side. I would like for once to make a result first of all ”.

How do you manage to hurt Napoli?

“The step forward for me they did because they are going to take you much further. Before they broke the line of four a little, now you see Rrahmani who shortens even up to the half court, they accept much more one on one. They also accept situations of numerical inferiority. The choice of the players is fundamental, because they have Kim, Di Lorenzo, Anguissa, Rrahmani, who know how to accept open spaces. I expect a game in which there will be spaces and we will have to exploit them. In this sense, for me it is a more offensive Napoli than in the past, they come to take you more, risk more, and have the right characteristics to play this game. We with Miranchuk raise the technical rate of the passage, maybe even in Sanabria it is good for him to have a partner of this type. There we must find harmony and understanding between the players ”.

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