Justin Bieber Traps Diplo in a TikTok Video That Goes Viral!

Once again, Justin Bieber is getting noticed on TikTok. And for good reason, the singer traps Diplo in a laughing video.

TikTok really has no more secrets for Justin Bieber. Moreover, he does not hesitate to trap Diplo in a video. The result is hilarious.


No one can miss the famous Justin Bieber. And for good reason, since his adolescence, the young man has known a huge success. It must be said that the latter can count on the support of his loyal fans.

Thus, with time Justin Bieber has established himself in the world of music. He then became a reference. In short, when he undertakes something, then it is a great achievement.

Moreover, lately, the young man does not cease to be noticed on the Web. Always very close to his fans, he does not hesitate to expose his life on Instagram.

Indeed, Justin Bieber is not afraid of anything. Love, travel, declarations, or even the daily life of a star, nothing is too intimate for his loyal fans. To the delight of the most curious, therefore.

It must be said that the singer is very caring about his community. Moreover, during confinement, the star did not hesitate to offer a live concert on TikTok.

And for good reason, his subscribers were starting to lose patience. And to please them he then pushed the song on the trendy social network of the moment. What to delight the latter then. Very cool!

It must be said that Justin Bieber knows TikTok very well. He does not hesitate to trap Diplo on the platform with a super funny video.


On the Web, Justin Bieber continues to cause a sensation. After Instagram, it then invades TikTok. And for good reason, his live concert on the evening of Valentine’s Day really did not go unnoticed. Not bad!

Moreover, it seems that Justin Bieber is more and more comfortable with the platform. He doesn’t hesitate to make fun of his friend Diplo. And the result is super hilarious.

Indeed, the singer claims by the message that Diplo addressed the wrong number. And the latter did not hesitate to make this joke a TikTok video. Very cool!

The first message says, “Yo Biebs, it’s Wes! Was the dope tied with you last night? “ To that, Justin Bieber then replies: ” Hey, it’s not ‘biebs’. I think someone gave you the wrong number sorry ”. Diplo then concludes: “Me * de”.

Additionally, Diplo shares another post from today and from the same issue. It is then said, “  Hey, this is Justin. Did you get those voices that I sent the other day? “

Thus, Diplo adds in the caption: “At least I was not a ghost”The latter’s self-mockery then makes the result super hilarious. Something to intrigue Internet users then.

And since the star never does things by halves, the video has gone viral on the social network. In no time, she then collected more than 7 million views. Oh yes, nothing more!

One thing is certain, Justin Bieber has not finished standing out. To be continued.

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