Justin Bieber’s house is similar to a supermarket in Florianópolis

The famous house of singer Justin Bieber with a glass bell jar was discovered two years ago on the internet. The residency has already generated videos, comments and discussions about his fortune. A new fact now compares the luxurious construction with a supermarket in Florianópolis.

Justin Bieber's house “fell down”  on the web at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic –  Photo: Playback/Twitter/NDJustin Bieber’s house “fell” on the web at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic – Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/ND

In March 2020, a series of opinions about the house took over social media. The “memes” (a word used to define something that quickly spread on the internet) were so many that the house was even compared to a blender. Another person said that the house looks like an airport.

In Florianópolis the newest comparison came now in 2022. In a twitter profile a woman compares the singer’s house with a supermarket, in the Continental region of Florianópolis.

The publication was responded to with comments such as: “it must be by the same architect”, “it looks like a giant bucket”. Another follower responded that the building is similar to a Hot Wheels car track.

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