Justin Bieber’s motorhome has a sauna, fireplace and costs almost R$ 7 thousand to fill the tank | Entertainment

After the diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused him a facial paralysis, Justin bieber had to take an indefinite break from his tour so he could rest and heal.

As a way to leave the worries behind, the singer can travel with his wife Hailey on the North American roads. And there’s no better way to do that than aboard your incredible motorhome valued at US$ 2.46 million (almost R$ 12.8 million in the current conversion).

Bus converted into motorhome has a Volvo boat engine with 500 hp — Photo: Reproduction

Despite collecting luxury cars from brands such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and – even with the ban – Ferrari, none of them will offer as much comfort as the fully equipped motorhome. Bieber went on to travel with the bus transformed by the company Prevost more frequently in 2020, when restrictions tightened due to the pandemic.

Interior has a lot of luxury with wood, marble and Italian leather coatings — Photo: Reproduction

The vehicle weighs 20 tons and is equipped with Volvo diesel engine used in boats with 500 hp of potency. But that’s not even the most impressive part, it’s the level of sophistication found inside.

Justin and Hailey sleep in a king size bed – Photo: Reproduction

To begin with, the floor is heated for the coldest days, but there is a powerful system with four air conditioners to refresh the cabin in times of intense summer. Three big screen TVs ensure on-board entertainment in environments covered with italian leather.

There is even a sauna for two people in the vehicle – Photo: Reproduction

But not only that. Bathrooms filled with marble have a spacious shower and even a sauna for two. One of the most unusual features, however, is the fireplace. Yes, the pop star’s motorhome even has a gas fireplace so the couple can feel the warmth of a real home.

A gas fireplace heats the cabin on winter days — Photo: Reproduction

If the idea is to hold a meeting outside, an awning can be extended at the touch of a button. In addition, on the sides of the bus there is a portable barbecue for those days when the idea is an outdoor dinner.

It is also possible to find on the bus an equipped kitchen, three TVs and underfloor heating — Photo: Reproduction

In addition to spending a small fortune on the vehicle itself, maintaining it is also not easy, as its tank holds 840 liters of diesel. In Brazil, the average liter of diesel S10 is currently R$ 7.94, according to the fleet management company Ticket Log. That is, filling the motorhome’s tank would take approx. BRL 6,670 this way.

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Luxury motorhome is built on a truck and priced like a Ferrari

Luxury motorhome is built on a truck and priced like a Ferrari

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