Justin Lin Is Making One Punch Man Movie

One punch man is getting a live-action movie adaptation from Sony Pictures that will bring our beloved bald-headed hero Saitama and his mechanical sidekick Genos to life on the big screen, according to a report from .

The production team looks solid, with Fast and furious director Justin Lin on deck, along with screenwriters Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, who previously worked on Poison and Jumanji: the next level. Arad Productions, a studio credited with Spider-Man: Homecoming and live Ghost in the Shell will be the producers. O One punch man adaptation could go into production by the end of this year, reports.

There are still no details on who will actually star in the film and – more crucially – who will play Saitama, the self-taught hero who delivers deadpan lines and knocks out enemies with (yes) one punch. at least we can probably rule out Vin Diesel (our symbolic action movie bald), considering that Lin and Diesel allegedly got into a fight that led to Lin’s departure from the angry x. It’s also too early to know what plot parts the movie will cover. Perhaps try to squeeze the entire first season, concluding with Saitama’s battle with Lord Boros.

One punch man, which began as a manga in 2009, was adapted into an anime by Madhouse Studios in 2015 and follows Saitama’s evolution into one of the strongest heroes in the world (and the universe). JC Staff took over production on the second season, but fans noticed an unfortunate drop in animation quality.

While I’m looking forward to seeing how the live-action adaptation plays out, I’m still feeling a little hesitant. There have been many live-action anime adaptations — mostly made in the United States — that fail to capture the show’s original essence, like Netflix’s. Death note, for example.

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