Justyna Niamita, the general director of Burda Media Polska, leaves after 29 years

Justyna Niamita on November 26 this year. will cease to serve on Burda’s board of directors, but will support the company as an external consultant until May 31, 2022.

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“Justyna was the basis and the beginning of Burda Media’s many years of success in Poland. For me personally, she was the most valuable partner in the development of our business. I could always be sure that I had an honest and open partner with an entrepreneurial mindset in Justyna. Justyna invariably puts people at the center of her decisions, be it our teams or clients. I would like to thank Justyna for this, it was a great honor for me to work with her and I am glad that she will continue our cooperation in the advisory role for the next months, ”said Alexander Sorg, chief executive officer, Burda Media Polska.

Justyna Niamita started working in Burda in 1992 and over the next years she developed her professional career in various positions, ending in the current position of general director (since 2011) and member of the management board. Nmemta is also on the board of the Chamber of Press Publishers.

Last year Burda Media Polska’s revenues decreased by 20.1 percent. to PLN 130.75 million, mainly due to a decline in advertising revenues by 35.2%. The average annual employment in the company was reduced by 19 people, and the net result went down from PLN 3.66 million profit to PLN 9.83 million loss

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