Juve, Allegri does not want to hear about failure and he is right

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Crisis is a powerful word. It has, for the most part, a negative connotation: “going into crisis”, “has suffered a crisis” and so on. But, in reality, it means to choose: from the Greek verb krino. The interpretation that Kennedy gave in 1959 of the Chinese ideogram capable of expressing the concept of crisis or danger and opportunity at the same time is suggestive, but not truthful.

Juve, in these moments (we only face the playing field) is certainly in danger of sinking not only in the standingsbut also to get out of any international context (Uefa) and not to retrain next year for the Champions League. Allegri does not want to hear about failure and, paradoxically, he is right. First of all because she has to “hold on”, as they say, without giving in to depression. Even more so because things can get even worse. The dilemma, or the choice between two unrealistic possibilities, then is precisely this: to recognize or not the state of profound crisis (technical, athletic, psychological) to look into each other’s eyes and try to build an opportunity?

The answer is yes. Hot public statements are one thing, a more serene and merciless analysis to avoid burying the dust under the carpet. It so happens that this cleansing operation (from illusions and removals) is possible thanks to the exceptional stop of the Championship, due to the World Championship. It is a question of arriving in the lucky port of the break with the least possible damage and reopening a construction site, sheltered from the urgent weekly needs. Two months, at least for a part of the team, is not a short time. The World Cup, for those who play it, will be a diversion from the negative hood that now hovers in Juventus Turin.

In short, the moving train is badly repaired or not repaired at all if the fault is significant. Of course, it makes you smile bitterly to consider Juve as being “in the pipeline” for more than three years now. The yard was that of Sarri, the experiment-yard that of Pirlo, the yard-restoration that of Allegri. Sooner or later the construction site should be closed, on pain of never being able to enter the house.

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