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Dolls there is not a lira, rather a euro, and it is not just the title of the column, but the real “photograph”, with no ifs and buts (at least for the moment), of what is happening in the Champions League, where the double defeat of Juventus (at the hands of PSG and Benfica respectively), not only does it not leave high hopes for the future (from a sporting point of view), but it is an alarm signal for the bianconere coffers. In fact, the risk of not passing the group stage is very high, as well as losing the qualification bonus of € 9.6 million. (for the moment “virtually” in the pockets of transalpine and Lusitanians). Having never won until today, Juve also lost in the match prizewhich, with the new UEFA revenue distribution formula, is already a small victory for all the clubs registered in the tournament: we are talking about 2.8 million per single victory.

Not having torn even a tie (in the latter case the fee is worth 930 thousand euros each) Champions’ finances are zero (net of ticket sales) and neither can we hope for the proportional share, linked to the remaining 940 thousand euros, which, at the end of the tournament, is equally distributed on the basis of the victories won by the teams in the first group stage. In summary, if you do not win you will not participate, in any way, in the rich UEFA “cake”.

The losses suffered confirm, once again, the constant growth of European football, compared to our tricolor product, and do not allow, for the future, oversights or underestimations of the opponents, under penalty of defeat on the field and the consequent loss of potential revenues. THEThe real risk is to collect just 5.6 million, in case of double success on the Israelis of Maccabi Haifa (he conceded five goals in two matches and managed to score only one), and then awaited the response of the field in the second leg with PSG and Benfica. Too little certainly for Allegri & Company’s dreams of glory.

Considering the current roadmap, it will be very difficult for the bianconeri to gain access to the final, but above all the “treasure” connected to it. (approximately € 38.6 million). Only the entry into the super match in Istanbul (next 10 June 2023 at the Atatürk Olympic stadium) is worth 15.5 million, to which we must add the 12.5 million of the semifinals and the more than 10.6 million euros of the quarterfinals. The economic analysis shows, accounts in hand, the harsh prediction of many professionals: that is the loss of earnings from the Champions, this season, are worth as much as the possible exemption of Massimiliano Allegri (from now to 2025, the expiry date of the contract, he will collect no less than 21 million net or 35/36 gross), without considering the annual bonus.

It is time for choices (especially economic ones) at Juventus, in light of the next six months which promises to be not very bright. Another tile, in a certainly difficult season, where to gain entry into the first four places of the “A” ranking (those that allow direct access to the Champions League in the following season) will not be a child’s play. The provisional eighth place does not allow dreams of glory and, at least for the moment, Milan, Napoli, Atalanta and Milan (without considering the Udinese surprise) seem in better shape, as well as determined. Nothing is irretrievably lost, but the departure was disastrous.

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