Juve, Arrivabene highest paid among the managers: then Agnelli and Nedved

Salary figures revealed: CEO surpasses one million euros by dubbing president and vice president

There Juve he revealed salaries in the 2021/22 season of their own senior executives: the highest paid was Maurizio Arrivabenewhich preceded Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved. The figures come from the “Report on the remuneration policy and remuneration paid” relating to the financial year ended last June 30th. The Juventus CEO has earned 1.22 million euros overall, in strong and – understandably – an increase compared to the salary from 25,000 euros the year before, when he was only a director on the Board of Directors.

As for Andrea Agnelli, the gain is 520,000 euros, divided between € 450,000 for the position of president plus € 35,000 for the function of director and € 35,000 in non-monetary benefits. Agnelli should have earned it 700,000 but has waived 180,000 eurosthus leaving the salary unchanged compared to the previous season.

Finally, Pavel Nedved perceived 514,000 euros: 466,000 as vice president, 35,000 as director plus 6,400 euros as non-monetary benefits.

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