Juve clings to Di Maria to beat Maccabi Haifa: it is 3 to 1 at the Stadium. El Fideo lights up, but the attackers waste too much

Silence outside, commitment on the pitch: to face the difficult moment Merry he had asked his players this. And after the championship victory with Bolognaa positive result also arrives in Europe with Juve winning for 3 to 1 against the Maccabi Haifa in the third match of the group Champions. But the effort for the bianconeri is great, perhaps too much. At the opening, Juventus had the opportunities but wasted them, leaving the initiative to a Maccabi Haifa who showed very little besides the will and good organization, incomprehensibly given the values ​​on the pitch.

Vlahovic wastes a couple of quite delicious occasions, then the forcing of Juventus fades a bit as it also happened with the Benfica. The Israelis, who however are quite different from the Lusitanians, also look forward without creating major problems for Juventus in a strange way. wait-and-see attitude in a match where a result other than victory would unequivocally mean leaving the Champions League. It takes 35 minutes for the bianconeri to find the advantage signed by Rabiot that sent into space from Of Maria throws a bomb on the near post which pierces the opposing goalkeeper.

In the remaining ten minutes, however, nothing else happens and the first half ends like this, with the advantage of Juventus for 1 to 0. The players of Maccabi, however, open at the beginning of the second half and for Di Maria it is a joke to send once again into space Vlahovic who this time in front of the goalkeeper made no mistake and made a simple 2-0, finally putting the game downhill for Juventus. Downhill mainly thanks to the Di Maria factor: the Argentine has fun and sees trajectories visible only to his eyes and again sends Vlahovic face to face with the Maccabi goalkeeper twice, with the center-forward who, however, first makes a mistake and then goes offside by millimeters. El Fideo he does the same shortly afterwards with Rabiot who also does not do him honor by stretching the ball and wasting the opportunity for the 3 to 0.

But while Maccabi is continually getting caught on the sidelines, Juve does the same on an attacking situation created by Kean: David goes into space on the 75th and also dribbles Sczeczny for the 2 to 1 that keeps the game alive and naturally cheers up the Israelis who were in fact out of the game. Juve closes and makes a few mistakes too many, perhaps seeing the ghosts of the recent past materialize, and the Israelis take a pole on punishment with Atzili: in the difficult situation, however, Di Maria, again he, catches Rabiot who on a corner kick heads off and achieves the 3 to 1 that should extinguish any Israeli ambitions.

In reality, the players of Maccabi continue to attack, with Atzili catching a new pole in the final and Juve closes suffering but finding a necessary and important victory because it still keeps it at stake in the round of 16: the result of Lisbon does not smile at the bianconeri. With the tie between Benfica And Paris Saint Germain Juve will have to win on Tuesday in Israel and then also in Portugal, hoping that in the meantime the Lusitanians do not win in France. It is not impossible, but from what we have seen, a large dose of the Allegri doctrine is still needed: few words and a lot of work.

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