Juve: Depay, Tottenham inquires

The Spurs are interested in the Dutch striker, whom Barça is in a hurry to free to make room for purchases

Queues and slowdowns on the motorway to Turin, Continassa exit. Unexpected obstacles forced Filip Kostic to postpone his landing in Italy, on the Juventus side, until today. In the same way, yesterday the entry of Tottenham on the scene of the former Fabio Paratici and Antonio Conte imposed a pause for reflection in the dialogue between the Juventus leaders and the entourage of Memphis Depay, the Dutch international chosen to become one of the milestones of the Juventus attack. On Tuesday the contacts with the Catalan side had brought a great wave of optimism to Juventus, but late in the evening the intervention of Fabio Paratici has fatally ruined the waters. Depay obviously looks at the Italian solution with great attention, but the idea of ​​being able to return to the Premier League is distracting him.


In reality, hearing the Tottenham bell when entering the scene is one of the many polls that the very active former Juventus player loves to do. A flirt, nothing more. Especially since there is the precedent of January. On that occasion, Tottenham actually knocked on Barcelona’s door to secure the former Lyon, but without success. He had weighed the resistance of Memphis, determined to play his cards at the Camp Nou just six months after his arrival in Catalonia. Meanwhile Antonio Conte has found other arrows for his speed game. It is true that negotiations for Nicolò Zaniolo have also been opened in recent weeks, but this time the Depay card is absolutely secondary. With the passing of the hours, therefore, the fear of a “fratricidal” auction has eased. Despite this, the slowdown in dialogue with the player’s entourage was substantial. Differences remain on the economic question and the possible entry of new suitors on the scene requires caution.


Everything suggests, however, that the new contacts scheduled today can quickly brighten the horizon of the negotiation. Ultimately, Barcelona has triggered the green light at economic conditions close to zero, pushed as it is by the pressing of the La Liga which intends to enforce the salary ceiling agreed in due time. The conditions are therefore extremely advantageous for Juventus. Of course, the economic impact of a two-year contract must be calibrated to the player who, in any case, would have the benefits of the Growth Decree, that is, the 50 percent discount on taxes. Ultimately Juventus believes in this choice: it is betting everything on Depay and is willing to find solutions compatible with everyone’s needs. Today new contacts are planned with the lawyer Sébastien Ledure, representative of the Dutch. No one is under the illusion of getting to the white smoke immediately, but everything will be done to succeed.


Bad day, however, on the Arthur front. Yesterday Rino Gattuso’s Valencia vanished (perhaps) definitively. At the moment for the Brazilian there are no satisfactory prospects of recruitment for him and for the Juventus leaders. And this greatly affects Federico Cherubini’s market, considering that no substantial progress has been made on the Rabiot front either. Despite a virtual agreement with Manchester United around 20 million euros, the player has so far not given clear answers to the offers of the English. We always remember that Adrien is about to expire his contract and the prospect of freeing himself next summer on a free transfer tempts him. These two events, evidently, limit expectations for Leandro Paredes, who is leaving the PSG. Juventus can aim for the Argentine only if one of Arthur and Rabiot comes out, if not both. The impression, however, is that the match for the midfielder of order invoked by Allegri is being played right on the home straight. Maybe with loans arranged at the last moment. Arthur, for example, is determined to find a club that gives him space to aim for the World Cup. And Juve, of course, does not want to keep him at all costs. Thus the Paredes card always remains in the deck.

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