Juve, Kean remains in the balance: the situation

TURIN – The sale of Moise Kean, leaked from the parts of Continassa, it is not a topic on the agenda at the moment. After all, it is the contractual situation that prevents a certain fluidity of movement: as we have said, the two-year loan of the attacker from Everton entails the need, on the part of Juventus, to redeem the player at the amount of 28 million euros (plus 3 bonus, not counting the 4 of the loan) to be able to possibly use it as an exchange pawn for an incoming objective. An operation that in the black and white ideas is complex to carry out because too many elements should fit together. Furthermore, as long as the Juventus will not have an alternative of thickness in that sector of the field, the presence of Kean (who will be disqualified on the first day) serves numerically in the rotations of Merry shortened by the recovery time of Church.

Vlahovic and Kean who challenge with the tennis ball!

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Vlahovic and Kean who challenge with the tennis ball!

This does not mean that the Italian striker’s stay in Juventus is one hundred percent guaranteed, with several days of trading still open. Wednesday’s visit of Rafaela Pimenta it also served to calm relationships after that Kean he had missed the friendly by choice of the coaching staff after arriving late for the call-up. It is not the first time this has happened and, although the clarification was immediate and although Juventus has already decided which type of measure to adopt, these situations are not frowned upon by a club that is attentive to form as to substance. So far they have shown up for the player Nice and Nottingham Forestwithout, however, at the moment being able to transform chats into negotiations.

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