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“Juve had been conceived in another way: with Rabiot-Paredes-Pogba in midfield more Locatelli to be the first to take over “. The words of Massimiliano Allegri, reported by Mario Sconcerti in the well-known chat published by Corriere della Seraleave no room for interpretation: in his Juventus, Manuel Locatelli is a reserve. Luxury, twelfth man, important, but still a substitute and not a holder.

40 MILLION AND IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL –. We have already highlighted how having spent almost 40 million euros for a European champion midfielder and creator of De Zerbi’s Sassuolo of wonders and then label it as “first to take over” be at least particular. This is not what we want to focus on today: what is evident, however, is that in Massimiliano Allegri’s Juve, if and for how long he will remain on the Juventus bench, Locatelli is not essential. In the sense that, if they are all available, the 99 class goes on the bench and then enters the race in progress.

THE RECORD RED AND THE ‘SACRIFIABLE’ – It is true that it is not known whether the technician from Livorno will be there again next year to lead the race Old lady and it is true that it could also come a coach who will put him back at the center of the project. But in an economic situation like that of Juve, with the record red of 254 million euros which will inevitably lead to excellent sacrifices on costs and engagementsa profile like that of Locatelli can be tempting on the market to several clubs and can bring significant gains, especially if his contribution to the team is not considered essential.

THE FIGURE IN THE BUDGET AND THE ARSENAL COURT: THE SCENARIOS -. The deal with Sassuolo was closed with a two-year loan of 25 million euros on a fixed basis with bonuses up to a maximum of 12.5 millionwith the neroverdi who have already made money since last yearthanks to bonuses, while the Juventus club has not yet budgeted the total cost of the operation. It is no mystery that Arsenal are thinking of trying a new lunge for Juventus, in January or June: the British leaders would like to make a new attempt to bring him to the court of Arteta, after having lost him in the times of the neroverdi and focusing on the not happy moment in Turin, between injuries and some criticism. Much will depend on the amount put on the plate and on Juve’s plans for the future, which are somewhat nebulous at the moment.

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