Juve, now Allegri risks: ‘a winter reversal cannot be excluded’, and the ultimatum appears

After the defeat of Haifa, Andrea Lambs showed up in front of the cameras to send a strong message to all the members of the Juve staff and, at the same time, confirm Massimiliano Merry leading the team. The line has not changed even after the trip to Lisbon which certified Madama’s exit from the Champions League: a sporting and economic disaster.

Massimiliano Allegri returns under accusation. The market for an instant team, but the impact of the new ones has been zero, if not negative in some situations. The many injuries and doubts about preparation and daily work, some training choices such as Milik’s three benches in a row. All reasons that point the finger in the direction of Allegri, who according to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “at the moment there is no risk and the scenario closest to reality is that the divorce between Max and Juve can take place in June if the minimum goal is not reached. (fourth place), but winter reversals cannot be ruled out should the situation worsen. The coach still has 5 games until the break: if the Europa League also fails and loses more ground in A (where he will have to face Inter and Lazio), moving dangerously away from the Champions area, then some evaluation will be made, to try to understand if it is more risky to go ahead or to resign oneself to the change in progress (unusual for the Agnelli) to avoid new bloody losses ”.

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