Juve on Monchengladbach’s Bensebaini: the details

Algerian national, 27 years old, full-fledged winger at Monchengladbach able to play in three-man defense, can reach Turin for a few million

The giver of ecstasy. By now Ramy Bensebaini is used to giving magical moments, made even more special by the fact that they are completely unexpected. As happened on 7 December 2019, when with a brace (the first of his career) he knocked Bayern Munich back, allowing his Gladbach to win the game 2-1. One headed goal, the other a penalty (he is a specialist on set piece, including free kicks and corners), and 3 unexpected points given to fans and teammates. A few months earlier (April 27, 2019), he helped Rennes to win the French Cup by beating the all-time favorite PSG in the final. It had been almost 50 years since Rennes hadn’t won any titles. In that case Ramy put his hand on it by scoring the fifth penalty in the lottery (later decided with endless shots). But Bensebaini also gave joy to Algeria, with which, again in 2019, he won the Africa Cup, a trophy that had only been won once by his national team (in 1990). “Let’s say that in Constantine, where I was born, there is someone who knows me and who stops me in the street with a smile”, admits Bensebaini jokingly. The same thing goes for Moenchengladbach and, soon, it could also happen in Turin. On him there is Juventus who with Borussia could repeat the operation that brought Zakaria to Juventus in January.


There are 9 Gladbach players who have their contract expiring in 2023. Among them is Bensebaini. Juventus knows this and, as it did with Zakaria, could decide in January to take him by paying a low figure compared to the player’s value (between 5 and 8 million) and then evaluate whether to keep him or make a capital gain (Zakaria was taken for less than 9 million and turned over to Chelsea on loan with the right of redemption set at 30). According to Bild, the bianconeri would be thinking about it also because on the left wing, between Alex Sandro and De Sciglio, the performance is not very high.


Bensebaini began playing football in Algeria when he was still a child: “I did it barefoot, we also played games in which there were no goalkeepers – he remembers -. When I started playing with shoes on my feet, it initially made me strange. But running barefoot and facing guys who instead have shoes and cleats can only strengthen. The pain can only be endured by shaping the desire to emerge. For me, football was the only way to leave Algeria and try to achieve something important in the my life”. Arriving in Belgium (at the Lierse) he showed off his physical and technical strength. “In Algeria, in my team, I was captain and number 10, which is why I also developed good ball control and a certain sensitivity in passing.”


Despite being one who bonds easily with his companions, Bensebaini often isolates himself. “I like to be calm and relaxed at home, watch some movies on Netflix or listen to French rap”, he gets help from his mother in managing his money. “We started a couple of projects in Algeria, I’m not someone who wastes money by buying watches or things who knows how expensive. I have a car, but I don’t see the use of buying a second one, just to understand”. On the left wing, he knows how to play anywhere (full-back, fifth in midfield and winger), he also played as an arm in a three-man defense and, although rarely, as a center-back in a four-man defense. Where you put it you put it, it pays off trust with focused and determined performance. And often, when he least expects it, he also scores a few goals and gives titles and emotions to fans and teammates. For this he is considered a real giver of ecstasy.

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