Juve, Pogba’s interview with GQ: the return, the injury, the relationship with Allegri

The French midfielder to GQ: “Used to managing rumors, it’s part of the game. Positivity and smile, I work hard to get back as soon as possible. However, never had any doubts, Turin is my place”

“To the fans I promise that I will work hard to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, and to help the team achieve the victories they deserve.” It is not a Paul Pogba over the top nor particularly unpublished what is told to GQ, it does not tell great new truths. But in these times of abstinence from Octopus, his words in the interview with the magazine on newsstands from today are a window on his world, waiting for him to return to illuminate the field, instead of the unpleasant reasons why there has been a lot of talk about him during this his absence.

The voices

Starting from the story of the knee injury, with a lot of postponed surgery and then carried out late, losing more than a month: “I like to face the challenges of football and life, beautiful or not, with positivity and always with a smile. The love for football and the desire to return to play are the driving force that pushes me every day to work hard to come back soon “, is his sweetened response to the controversy surrounding his choice. “You know, having started playing at a high level very young, I’m used to managing voices. It’s part of the game: as athletes we live with praise and criticism weekly, knowing that we must maintain a balance and focus on our work.”


In the meantime, the storm shifted to personal and family events that saw him at the center of the crime news for the threats and the attempted extortion against him that involved, and among those arrested, also his brother Mathias. Pogba doesn’t talk about it, even if some indirect answers come: “I’ve always been like this, naturally, I’m a positive person. And maybe people in the end like positive people.”

Get together

The words on his return to Turin are very similar to those on the day of the presentation: “I like to think and say that it is my heart that made the choice. It was also perhaps the right time to come back here. The last three years in Manchester , also affected by injuries, they did not go as I wanted, it is no mystery. I thought that if we added to this the fact that Juve have also arrived for two years in which they did not win the Scudetto, it was a great challenge for both of us. maybe it was the right moment to meet again and try to take back the place that belongs to us, to me and to Juve. And above all to win again. ”

The bond, starting with Max

Pogba says that one of the reasons for his return to Juve was the understanding with Massimiliano Allegri: “I have always had a very strong relationship with the coach. Handsome, honest. He knows me and always pushed me when we were here together. . Even when I was in Manchester we kept in touch and talked a lot. ” And the connection with the fans: “When I left they were very grateful for the years together. I was young and they really always pushed me to the stadium, they were always behind me, I always felt the love of these fans, this is the truth. I’ve never heard such a great one, not even in Manchester. ” On the bond with the environment he adds: “I always want to play, and I want to give my best. And inside me I know that this shirt is special, it brings out my best. We have built a good story with this team, which I never have. I also forgot when I left Juve. Coming back here is always a motivation for me, an incentive to do well. I never had any doubts that this was my place. “

First and second Pogba

What has returned is inevitably a different Pogba from his first Juventus life: “The first time here I was younger and I didn’t have the experience I have now. I grew up in personal life, I have two children, a wife, and also as a footballer . I won the World Cup with France, the Europa League with United, I played with great players and a great team. I learned a lot there, it was totally different from my previous experience. I had to take more responsibility than I had less here at Juve when I was young and I had experienced players close to me. Now I look at myself and I think I have become like these players, like Pirlo, like Buffon, like Chiellini. And now it’s up to me to do what they did to Juve. ”

From the Premier to Italy

He doesn’t mind having left the Premier: “For me the Italian championship has always been one of the most difficult, playing football here has never been easy. Winning in Italy is always a prohibitive challenge, it is for everyone, and it is even more for Juve from which the best is always expected. In the Premier League at the moment there is unparalleled economic potential, I think this is the real difference. But if I have to stick to football, the Italian one has always been for me one of the best in the world, and remains so despite everything “. And therefore Pogba does not consider Juve a step backwards: “I say that there is not much difference between playing for Manchester United and Juventus; when you are in a great club, you are in a great club. And Juve has always been. the largest in Italy. Now I find it grown up from the point of view of the structures but always with the same family in charge, guarantee of continuity, and with the same mentality: we always want to win and we are always Juve, this will never change. Now it’s really up to us. ”

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