Juve-Sassuolo, Danilo and Allegri’s move in the cooling break

Thus, three minutes after the break in the game in the middle of the first half, the first Juventus goal with Di Maria arrived: a key episode that allowed the bianconeri to put the game downhill

Before the joy and the final party, the start of the match against Sassuolo had been complicated to say the least for Juventus, who managed to change pace immediately after the first half cooling break. Danilo told us during the interval of the match, to Dazn’s microphones: “Allegri told us that we had to get right in our positions on the field, because we were too far away, and so we would have had the opportunity to get out of their pressure and we would be arrived at the front with our players who have a lot of quality. ” And this, magically, happened: “We changed and then thanks to the quality of our players forward it went better”.


In short, everything was anything but accidental to Di Maria’s initial goal, which arrived three minutes after the temporary stop in the game. Merit of Allegri’s strategy, even if the same Juventus coach at the end of the match wanted to resize the episode told by Danilo by placing it in the normal tactical strategies of a match: “Nothing in particular, we could not have the game in hand, so I put Di Maria largo with Cuadrado on the other side “. And, almost magically, the match against Sassuolo has been channeled in the right direction.

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