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20 million in smoke. That is the amount that Manchester United was willing to recognize Juventus for Rabiot’s card. All this for a player expiring in a year and arrived, in fact, as a free agent: a considerable capital gain, an incredible deal that the Old Lady did not want to miss. But there is another lady, Veronique, who goes out of her way for Adrien: manager, adviser, fan and even mental coach. She and she inspired the court’s refusal of ten Hag.

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FAR RENEWAL – In five months, Rabiot will be free to agree with a new company at no cost. Juve, in fact, is not willing to renew his contract. Not at least the 7.5 million plus current engagement bonuses. Will the French international decide to comply with the Bianconeri’s requests? Difficult, considering that Manchester United had pushed themselves to 10 million. In the background there is a hypothesis as fascinating as it is sensational: the great return to PSG. Several French sources tell of a first approach arrived several days ago. A tormented love story that could have a surprise ending.

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