Juve, the background: in Pogba’s head

TURIN – The paradox is that lately there has been a lot of talk about Paul’s “family problems” Pogba and of the rumors, indiscretions, real news of judicial news concerning the attempted extortion of which the Octopus, by the hand of one of the brothers, Mathias, together with other people. In reality, however, it is precisely in the family that the French midfielder is finding comfort, spirit, energy and positivity. A family enlarged, moreover. That is, made up of his wife and children, who stay with him and give him support even during moments of real therapy and exercises at home. They push him, encourage him, make him smile as he struggles. But also made up of the family by his mother Yeo Moriba to whom Paul is very attached. Without forgetting the strength that Paul draws from the memory, always alive, of his father Fassou Antoine, who died in 2017. Just yesterday Paul published a photo in memory of him via social media. But the nice is that the family is so enlarged that it includes millions of people inside it: those same fans who have welcomed the choice Paul’s not to be done operate immediately, however, they are the first to hope to have the champion back on the pitch as soon as possible. As obviously, needless to say, Paul’s teammates and coach Massimiliano hope so Merrywhich for Paul is a point of reference. It is no mystery that it was precisely the phone calls with Max – never interrupted, even in the times of Manchester United – that played a decisive role in convincing the player to return to Turin. As well as the affection of the fans and a square that has stolen Pogba’s heart.

Pogba’s difficult moment

And therefore, Pogba is experiencing this hard moment forced stop with positivity and with personality. His Calvary it started on July 24th, following an unfortunate movement during a training session. The disease, the examinations of the case, the response: lesion of the lateral meniscus. Despite the first opinions of the Juventus staff and of a luminary from Los Angeles, the footballer has chosen not to make himself operate focusing everything on conservative therapy, only to then capitulate in the presence of the inevitable e give up to the results of the audition made on September 5, just as the companions were preparing to leave for Paris, where they would meet the PSG.
Since then a little bit of restthen the gradual recovery of the exercises: a bit of a swimming pool, running on the treadmill with anti-gravity air chamber. The return to the field and the changes of direction are the key to everything. Till now Pogba it is proceeding sent according to the times pre-established. In theory, his return was dated November 2: Juventus-Paris Saint Germain. But, according to the latest answersit is not excluded that Merry can summon his protégé already on the occasion of Juventus-Empoli on October 21 to make him do a portion of the preparatory match then to Benfica-Juventus on 25. The match that can decide a season: at least in negative. In positive still not enough …
Pogba wants be there, He wants to play. You literally need to play. To find himself, to make sense of his return to Juventus. To return to the protagonist and start winning trophies again.

Pogba, the return is approaching.  And in the meantime, it sports a new look

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Pogba, the return is approaching. And in the meantime, it sports a new look

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