Juve, the secret agreement with the players ‘hidden’ in a law firm. “From the lawyer Gabasio the tools to achieve criminal intent”

The “Supplementary private deeds” which had to “guarantee” the “Unconditional payment”even if i players had left the Juventushad been “Concealed” outside the club headquarters. But they were found during searches of last March 23 in one “Fiduciary law firm” of the bianconeri, where they were brought “as protected by guarantees”. According to prosecutor of Turinthese private deeds would concern the “unconditional” recovery of the reduction in salaries agreed with the players, according to the public communications of the company, to face theCovid emergency.

It is the heart of the “Salary maneuver”one of the axes around which the investigation carried out by Finance police which sees investigated 15 people and the same company for administrative responsibility. From the act of conclusion of the investigations, regarding the two ‘maneuvers’, the figure of the lawyer emerges Cesare Gabasio, general counsel and Chief legal officer of the Juventus club. In the opinion of the deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and pm Ciro Santoriello And Mario Bendoniit was he who “oversaw” the “implementation of the ‘salary maneuver’, providing necessary tools upon reaching “of the “Criminal intent of customers and, in any case, strengthening them “. Gabasio will have the opportunity to clarify his position in the next twenty days with memories or asking to be heard by the magistrates, meanwhile the club has rejected in toto the accusatory hypotheses and the reconstructions of the prosecutor’s office convinced that he has always acted correctly.

It all begins – according to the prosecution – on March 28, 2020. On that date, Juve released a statement in which she explained that she had cut four monthsin agreement with the members, which will allow you to save 90 million euros. But the prosecutor is convinced that a “Agreement reached” on the same date with the players e “Not made public”or a private agreement signed by Andrea Agnelli And Giorgio Chiellini, “Provided for the waiver of a single month’s salary”. The recovery of the other three months would only be deferred to subsequent years and was “certain and unconditional” regardless of the resumption of football activity and the transfer “of the player to another team” with consequent economic effects for “Only 22 million”. A difference of approx 68 million around which the entire investigation on the Bianconeri was born and developed, together with the capital gains for over 115 million euros withholdings “Artifacts” And “Artificial”.

The following year, the leaders of the club would have devised a new “salary maneuver” disputed. In Serie A League regular contracts had been deposited (loyalty bonus) which provided for a reduction in salary during the period March-June 2021 and the “Contextual integration” if the player had remained in the club “On a certain date”. But during the search, those private deeds that guaranteed the “unconditional payment” in the form of “Redundancy incentive” with “impact” on the budget approved on 29 October last year for an estimated amount of 27.5 million euros. The condition of staying on a certain date has therefore revealed itself, the magistrates write, “Fictitious and artificial”.

The supplementary private deeds, remark the prosecutors, they represent documents “Never made public”. Even before the public supervisory authority on listed companies. When the April 14, 2022 there Consob required nature in detail e impact of the agreements on the income statement, Juventus – in a memorandum signed by Gabasio and the Chief financial officer Stefano Cerrato and sent thirteen days later – he replied explaining that he had not “signed / assumed commitments for one subsequent integration of reduced fees “in 2020/21. And to have started at the same time with the lawyers of the players “the negotiation from possible futures individual agreements relating to variable remuneration (loyalty bonus) “.

For the proxy in this way Juve would have “Omitted” any “reference to the subscription” between April And May 2021 from Fabio Paraticion behalf of the company, of “multiple private deeds (cover letter, “Supplementary bonus agreement”“Supplementary writing)” with “16 registered players and containing unconditional obligations payment of salaries subject to ‘waiver / reduction’ even in the case of the player’s registration in favor of a third-party club “for a total amount estimated by the investigators in 63.6 million euros. On the subject, in recent months, there have been many Juventus players heard in the prosecutor’s office, by Paulo Dybala to Alex Sandro passing through Leonardo Bonucci And Cuadrado.

The maneuvers on salaries have also ended up among the critical points of Deloittebecause the postponement of the payment of services already rendered, in the opinion of the auditor to the first year of office after Ernst & Youngshould have provided for the budgeting of one related liability. A reconstruction that Juve disputes. In short, the bianconeri have hired one against all – pm, Consob, auditing firm – convinced that they have “operated in compliance with laws and regulations “. The next month that will lead toshareholders’ meeting and to the next step of the investigation, with the decision to proceed with the request for indictment or archiving, it will begin to make it clear whether the current management led by Andrea Agnelli he is right or not.

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