Juve tried the rudeness but Napoli is ready to close

VOLTURNO CASTLE – Almost almost, in order not to risk getting entangled in the air traffic of Ferragosto, Giovannino Simeone he could also stay at home, strictly respecting the rite of medical examinations in the area and then wait for the Naples arrivals: it is played on Monday evening, at 6.30 pm, in his Veronawhere he is stationed, and why on earth travel, go down to Rome, go to Villa Stuart, then move to Castel Volturno, while instead taking a stroll between Piazza Bra and the Bentegodi would everything be easier? When Napoli-Verona begins, in a whisper or a little more, Giovannino the “cholito” Simeone will not have any identity crisis, despite having to undergo (and rightly so, go) this announced tour: his jersey will be blue and he will end up feeling almost like a man alone in command of his own emotions, those that any Argentine feels when he is offered to approach the temple of football. Giovannino Simeone will play his Napoli-Verona, or if anything he will watch it from the bench, or not, he will experience it from the stands, as he had dreamed of since last March, since Cristiano Giuntoli began to send him messages of esteem: it took some time to conclude this operation, but now it is done, as always there is a lack of change in the details, those that contribute to fuel the pathos enriched by the invasion of Juventus that with a phone call she inquired. But if AdL decides this morning to put the last signature on it, the classic protocol will start: checks at Villa Stuart, transfer to Castel Voltuno and then Naples-Verona by plane.

Giovanni Simeone, what strength in the gym!

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Giovanni Simeone, what strength in the gym!


In summary, what could have been foreseen happened: Naples and Verona they started chatting again yesterday, they finally found themselves aligned on the same formula (loan with right of redemption, to be transformed into mandatory with the realization of a series of conditions) and then they established the most important aspect, the recognition of money. The three million that ADL will receive from Monza for Petagna, which left in the evening, will be relocated with a click on the Verona account, to which – eventually – the other 12 million euros that will arrive from Brianza in a year. It is called financial equilibrium and in this case also registry, because a 27-year-old leaves and another arrives. The rest is not rhetorical narration, it cannot be in these lovely football stories in which it ends up Naples with Argentina, because it is in osmosis DiegoGod forbid, but also Sivori and then the pipita and then el pampa Sosa and then Lavezzi and then all this acts as a fusion between lands and men who have elective affinities.

Naples, last offer for Raspadori

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Naples, last offer for Raspadori

All in Rasp

Simeone opens the waltz of the tips that could embellish a suddenly whirling market, between names that dance especially in the areas of rigor and agreements that seem imminent: Giacomo Raspadori is a bit ‘the man of dreams or the enfant prodige that the Naples he wants to give away and for which he would fund a thirty-three million euro madness that would become at most thirty-five. With the Sassuolothe discussion has reached the crossroads, now there is only to take one of the two lanes: the yes of Carnivals would open to an operation that would effectively revolutionize the attack of Spalletti, most likely prompting him to re-embrace his 4-2-3-1 without delay; and the no, on the other hand, would inspire Naples for another operation, in the middle of the field, where it could suddenly disappear Fabian Ruiz“Kidnapped” by Psg. However, a new story is beginning.

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