Juventus, Allegri: “Six days ago no one believed that we would be third at the break”

Massimiliano AllegriJuventus coach, after the victory against Lazio spoke to the microphone of DAZN: “In the last month and a half the boys have done excellent things, it was not easy tonight because with Lazio it is not easy. We instead conceded little and nothing and then also had good management of the ball. Lazio that had raced a lot in the first half, then Di Maria, Chiesa and Paredes joined to raise the technical quality “.

Did this stop take or didn’t it?
“It was necessary because we have too many players with a question mark, like Chiesa who entered and did very well from fifth. He made himself available. Now he will go to the national team, I don’t know if he will play a segment, then he will prepare well here and raise the Match pace. As it will be with Pogba. Then we will see with those who go to the World Cup. We need a break. We have a match every 3-4 days when we return, with the Europa League and the championship, there will be room for everyone. changes become decisive “.

Now Juventus is grim in defense.
“The whole team works and in the second half they have also grown physically. The spirit has changed, winning helps to win. Tonight I would have been angry if we had conceded a goal on that shot on the corner kick at the end, this is a next step. it was right not to concede. “

Has Kean changed? Three goals in the last two games.
“He is more balanced. It is a question of mental balance, when you are young they all come on you, then it is normal, he is a bit exuberant. Now he works, he struggles, compared to last year he is 5-6 kilos less . He is better physically and has a different mental approach, he is growing like everyone else “.

When did you realize that Juventus was setting up? And which aspect to improve?
“I don’t like talking and explaining so much, you just have to work and stay silent and get the results. The important thing is to perform, for the last few games there is only to thank these guys.”

How much do you win the championship?
“Napoli are doing a championship on their own, they are traveling at an impressive average. Napoli potentially travels to 53 at the end of the first round, seeing how Napoli is doing at less than 90 the championship is not won”.

But are you there too?

“Six days ago no one believed that we would be third in the standings at the stop and this is already a leap. Now, however, let’s think about recharging the batteries in view of January”.

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