“Juventus and Moggi dishonest about people’s feelings” – Corriere.it

from Aldo Cazzullo and Daniele Dallera

Former Inter president Massimo Moratti across the board: «When I bought the club I had the elevators of the headquarters blocked to prevent Milly from going up to stop me. Dad and I bought Cagliari in secret so as not to sell Riva to the Agnelli “

assimo Moratti, you were born three weeks after the end of the war. What is your earliest memory of her?

“The morning I turned four. I felt it was an important day. And my brother Gian Marco was going to school with a red sock and another blue ».

“Cheerful. We were a cheerful family. Dad worked all day, but every evening we found ourselves listening to the radio: Franca Valeri, Alberto Sordi … ».

What was your father Angelo like?
“Fantastic. I have never found, in all my life, a man on the level of him. And all my life I have tried to imitate him; even knowing it was inimitable. Brilliant, charming, witty, likeable, humanly very rich … ».

Not just humanly.
“But it came from poverty. The grandfather had the pharmacy in Piazza Fontana in Milan, but my father left home at 14: his mother was dead, and he did not want to live with his stepmother, as hard as the one in fairy tales ».

There were five children in the house: besides her and Gian Marco, three sisters.
“Our mother Erminia was also a cheerful person. They joked with Dad all the time. They loved each other ».

How was Milan in the 1950s?
«Still half destroyed. To imagine. But we knew that the future would be better than the present ».

What did the Morattis vote for?
“A.D. We were anti-fascists and anti-communists ».

Was there really nothing wrong with it?
“Something was wrong there. Nordahl ».

The Milan center forward?
«Big, big, unstoppable. I was physically afraid of him: I saw him at San Siro and dreamed of him at night. Nordahl was the black man of my childhood ».

So his father bought Inter.
“But we went to see it before: I remember the 6-5 in the 1949 derby. At the stadium there was a fight, hats flew”.

Who was your favorite footballer?
«Benito Lorenzi, called Veleno. Off the pitch he was very sweet: he tenderly took care of Valentino Mazzola’s children, Sandro and Ferruccio. But on the pitch he was getting terrible. He provoked the crowd before and after scoring. It was Lorenzi who nicknamed Boniperti Marisa, despite being friends. Boniperti was very angry ».

Worse than Milan or Juve?
“Juve, without a doubt.”

The strongest footballer you’ve ever seen?
«I’ll tell you two: Angelillo and Ronaldo. Two parallel stories. Like Herrera and Mourinho ».

Meaning what?
«Angelillo was pure class. He made an extraordinary championship, with 33 goals. Then he fell madly in love with a singer, and got lost. We sold it and with the proceeds we bought LuISITO Suarez: very intelligent ».

And Ronaldo?
«He came to see me when he was playing for PSV, with a Dutch girlfriend … When he arrived at Inter he was the strongest footballer in the world. After the injuries he never returned to that level ».

Did he feel betrayed when he went to Real Madrid, after Inter had waited for him?
“No. I had identified with him, in his pain. I thought it right that he wanted to change, after having suffered so much ».

Herrera how did you find him?
“A reporter from the Gazzetta dello Sport, it seems to me Franco Mentana, Enrico’s father. The Magician and Mourinho had many things in common ».

“They worked and studied a lot. They knew about psychology and medicine. When José arrived, our doctor said: finally a coach who helps me ».

Brera says that Herrera also helped himself with certain tablets in the changing rooms …
«Brera joked. My father would never have allowed it. And the Magician had a lot of respect for my father, almost awe ».

In 1964 Inter won their first European Cup.
«At the first participation. By beating Real Madrid 3 to 1, who always won. But Herrera put Burgnich on Di Stefano and Tagnin on Puskas … An indescribable joy ».

The following year he wins the Cup again at San Siro, goal by Jair.
«It was raining, the ball passed under the belly of the Benfica goalkeeper. This is also the way to win ».

Who was his hero?
«Mariolino Corso. Never seen a wing with such class. I loved Recoba because I saw the unpredictability of Corso in him ».

But then Inter sold it.
«And my father bought Cagliari when he learned he was about to sell Riva to Juve. The next morning the Sardinian managers informed Agnelli that the deal could no longer be done: the club had a new owner. The lawyer didn’t even ask who he was. He understood ».

And Cagliari sensationally won the Scudetto.
“With Domenghini that Inter had sold for Boninsegna.”

What happened on May 5, 2002, the defeat against Lazio that cost you the Scudetto?
«The players believed they had received signals from their Lazio colleagues: they would not have committed themselves, so as not to favor Roma. All lies. I was convinced of it even before the kick-off, and I warned them: “Nobody will give us anything”. Yet they entered the field with excessive confidence. And they never managed to take the game in hand. I felt so responsible that I said to myself: I will not leave football until I have a rematch ».

He was on the pitchan ex like Cholo Simeone.
“And he scored against us. Great fighter ».

Your center forward was Bobo Vieri.
«A contrarian, always critical of the management; but not a bad boy. At Inter he did everything he could do; yet he won nothing. ”

Then came Ibrto.
«Very nice. I used to consult the most important players for the transfer campaign, and with Zlatan we had a ritual. He used to say to me: “We could also do without Cambiasso next year …”. I was laughing. Then I would go to Cambiasso, who would say to me: “Next year we could also do without Ibra …” ».

Ibra and Cambiasso did not love each other.
“But on the pitch they played death for each other.”

And in the clash between Ibra and Lukaku who did he side with?

«It looked like a boxing match between two world champions. Lukaku is a treasure … I would have stood between the two, at the risk of taking some from both of them ».

Mazzola said she left Inter because she consulted with Moggi.
“It didn’t happen that way. It is true that Moggi wanted to come to Inter, and I never explicitly told him that I didn’t want him; but I would never have taken it. ‘

«Because the Serie A was manipulated; and we were the victims. Juve had to win; and if Juve really didn’t win, it was Milan’s turn. A shame: because the greatest form of dishonesty is to cheat on people’s feelings ».

At Inter, Facchetti was in charge.
“A splendid man. Once I said to him: “Giacinto, is it possible that there is no referee, just one, willing to lend a hand to us, instead of them?”. He replied: “He can’t ask me for such a thing.”

Juve took away two championships, and one was awarded to her. Do you claim it?
“Absolutely yes. I know that the Juventus players get angry; and this leads me to claim it with greater conviction. That scudetto was the minimum compensation for the thefts we suffered. It would be worth much more ».

Then came the championships of Mancini and Mourinho. How did you choose Mou?
«Listening to one of his TV interviews, between one semi-final and another of the 2004 Champions League. His Porto had drawn with Deportivo La Coruna, the return was very difficult. And he said: “But as Deportivo, I’m already thinking about the final”. I liked his bravado very much ».

And it was the treble: league, Coppa Italia, Champions.
“Mission accomplished. I was proud that the same family had won the Cup almost half a century later. For the first time I felt worthy of my father; even if he remains unattainable. Even today I happen to find people who talk to me about him, who owe him something ».

Which people?
“I go to Florence to see Giorgio Pinchiorri, three Michelin stars, and he doesn’t make me pay. I think: he will be Inter. I’m back with Renzi mayor, and he doesn’t make me pay. I think: he will be friends with Renzi. Then I come back by myself, and again he doesn’t want to make me pay. This time I insist: I want the bill. And Pinchiorri reveals to me that he does it for my father. A long time ago he gave him some advice that changed his life. “

How much money has Inter cost you in all these years?
«You cannot ask me this. I don’t know, and I wouldn’t tell you. Football is not business; it’s passion. And the passions are priceless ».

Now Inter are Chinese, perhaps for a little while longer.
“The Zhangs, both the father and the son, have always seemed to me to be in good faith. At first they asked me to talk to the players, to motivate them. But today it is impossible to hold on for a long time in football. Losses double or nearly double every year: 50 million, 100 million, 150 million … ».

How will it end?
“Maybe an American fund will come. But beware of speculation. Football is not built to make money. The Americans would like to turn it into a show. Show-business. But I don’t know if it will ever be possible in Italy ».

Who will win the championship?
«It could really be the year of Napoli. Milan is also scary. Inter have a strong structure; but then he gets lost at the most beautiful ».

What do you think of Berlusconi?
“I consider him a friend. As an entrepreneur I respect him very much ».

And as a politician?
“I wouldn’t want to lose your friendship.”

Is it true that you refused to run for mayor of Milan?
“Yes, three times. And maybe I was wrong. It’s a bit of a regret: I would have liked it ».

When did it first happen?
«In 1993, when the Lega won. I went to ask advice from the Milanese whom I esteemed most ».

«Cardinal Martini. A wonderful person. He advised me against it ».

It’s the last time?
«Leader of the Democratic Party was Veltroni. That time Cardinal Martini told me to accept. Yet I gave up, even though I felt guilty. ”

Why did he give up?
“I thought of my five children. Would they have preferred a mayor dad, or a dad who taught them a trade, who left them a business? And then I didn’t want to take advantage of the popularity gained thanks to Inter ».

How did you meet your wife Milly?
«Alla Capannina. She was beautiful. I invited her to dance. It was 1966, she was twenty but she looked less. We got married in ’71, we always shared everything. Except for one thing ».

«When I bought Inter I didn’t say anything. She learned it from the TV. I gave the order to block the elevators: I was afraid he would go upstairs to stop me. Then I went home. I didn’t find anyone. I toasted with the waitress. ‘

His wife is a center-left woman, his sister-in-law Letizia Moratti is a center-right woman. How is coexistence?
“Serena. They esteem and love each other. That there is confidence, this is not ».

How do you find Milan today?
“Always the best city in the world to work”.

«Because they all work. And because the Milanese have a sense of participation. Like when they cleaned up the black-bloc-smeared city in one afternoon. ‘

How does Sala work?
“Good. But he shouldn’t underestimate insecurity. Pollution. And building speculation ».

Don’t you like the new skyscrapers?
«They are beautiful and, in spite of fears, they are full. But be careful not to do things just to do them. We must not only think of the sheikhs, but of the young Milanese who are unable to buy a house, to start a family, to build that future that seemed wonderful to us ».

And the new stadium?
“Does not convince me. Taking down the San Siro would be a crime. He says: so clubs earn 30 million a year. But what are 30 million compared to history? You will see that in the end no one will dare to demolish our temple ».

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