Juventus, Champions disaster. Cheerful at home

Goodbye Champions League. Now the arithmetic says it: the blow at Benfica’s home overwhelms the environment in an irreparable way. In fact, Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus greets the elite of football. And just that coach who in the past had brought her one step away from heaven, in spite of everything and everyone, now plunges her into the abyss by making her name one of the most depressing pages in Juventus history. As if that weren’t enough, she even makes her way to the Europa League winding: she touches closely to mark Maccabi Haifa.

Champions, Allegri and Juventus out: the endless social mockery

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Champions, Allegri and Juventus out: the endless social mockery

Juventus of retirees

First half and beginning of the second from a museum of horrors. Mocked, humiliated and outclassed. What an approach … The bianconeri at times seemed like proverbial retirees, there in Portugal. They almost didn’t even try, initially: at the complete mercy of their opponents’ quick and technical plays, they managed to oppose (so to speak) only lost contrasts and shy plays. So much so that even more than Antonio Silva’s goal, on 17 ‘, it surprised Kean’s goal for the momentary 1-1 Juventus. It was because the difference in energy and quality was evident. In fact, the crescendo of the Lusitanians has arrived. Joao Mario, Rafa Silva, Rafa Silva again… Continuous celebrations on the one hand, sensational errors and nervousness on the other. Bonucci and Cuadrado, for example, fought hard after the penalty. And the sparks continued igniting a reaction, no. If anything, anxiety and fear, which flared up.

Iling, Miretti and Soulé: the turning point

The turning point, however, came when terror gave way to impudence and recklessness. Iling Jr and Soulé, Miretti. Here they are the bianconeri who have awakened Juventus more or less while Cuadrado (who had naively provoked the penalty) and Bonucci (various pending errors) sat on the bench. Iling was devastating on the left, propitiating Milik’s goal and then McKennie’s goal for the 4-3 which rekindled hopes. Soulé also played the part of him. It is hoped that one and the other, their part, will have the opportunity to do it also in the future. We need to turn the page. We need a fresh start.

Juventus, between Agnelli and Del Piero a historic embrace

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Juventus, between Agnelli and Del Piero a historic embrace

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