Juventus draw with Bologna in Serie A Matchday 2

Expressively overwhelmed in the first 30 minutes, The second half was saved by referee Marco Di Bello’s controversial decision.missed his penalty Bologna They led 0-1 but were saved in the 80th minute by a Dušan Vlahovic header. Juventus survived defeat against a competitive and notable bloc built by Thiago Motta (1-1).

The maximum penalty seemed very obvious. didn’t see her No referee or VAR. He didn’t even go to the monitor at the foot of the field to see her. Final decision on development and results. The penalties taken by Illing Junior have varied and were not the same when it was 0-1 and 0-2.that He knocked Endoe down simply to prevent him from pushing a goal into an empty net from a rebound.

Vlahovic then beat Juventus 1-1. It was more relentless than great, but definitely got the point. And even in a hurry. At 1-1, Bologna was not satisfied either.the game is over in the Juventus area. Attacking.

A draw more than worth it for Juve. Not only because of the penalty controversy, but also because Bologna’s ratings fell in the first half hour. Whether it’s defense, midfield or attack. Whether it’s Ndoye’s dribbling, Orsolini’s depth, Ferguson’s unstoppable run, Moro’s control, Beukema’s firmness, or Zilky’s masterful ball handling from behind, who knocks the ball down, controls it, he plays, everything. And that it was an insoluble hieroglyph for rival center defenders.

Juventus were overwhelmed. He always arrived at the wrong time.Tactically and technically, he was the specter behind the Bologna project. Designed by Thiago Motta. coach. The half-time result said it all. Ferguson’s impressive 0-1 score on a collective effort was not only given further distance by Jilky’s control, spin, pass to his Scottish teammate’s forehand and relentless arrival from the second line. , also increased by the helplessness of Juventus’ deployment. , swallowed by the pressure of visitors.

This goal did not surprise anyone. Bologna had already warned. barely A minute before that, Doe had a shot. And he has since done so with another shoe from Ferguson.

fan anger against his team arose, without fanfare, more expressive in intensity and propulsion than football, awakened instantly. Crumbling on attack, Beukema was at the center of the Bologna defense, retreating without damaging Motta’s excellent block.

Neither Chiesa nor Vlahovic. Juventus never counted at half-time. The noise only occurred in the area closest to the goal in the first half.

In the second part the story changes, when Juventus became more intense, more ambitious and pushed Bologna into their own half. As he did in the last fifteen minutes of act one, And he soon scored a goal through Vlahovic.good Canceled after VAR review And the referee himself was injured due to Rabiot’s incorrect positioning, which was key to blocking goalkeeper Skorupski’s vision.

But it was already a clear warning to the visiting resistance. Timothy Weah scored another point with a volley shot from outside the area. Scorpsky’s reaction was great.

It also signaled that the tide of the game had changed. It was only for a short time. A solid Bologna defended. Insurgent Juventus attacked. The question was how long one could hold out, or when the other could tie. Fagioli further deepened his suspicions. His unresisting left foot shot was nonsense.

Motta made three substitutions. With his decision Juventus were blocked again, and manager Massimiliano Allegri turned to Paul Pogba. It had no effect either.

The match was again won by Bologna, who had good reason to complain shortly afterwards. When another perfect ball throw ends in a Silksee shot.

Perrin’s save spilled the ball. Endoe’s shot landed in an unmanned goal one meter from the goal line. The reason he didn’t is because he was dropped by Elling Jr. The penalty rang out, everyone thought so… except the referee and VAR. The referee didn’t point it out. He didn’t even go see it on the monitor.

Between Motta’s sarcastic, incredulous laughter and relief at Juventus, who had survived for the time being, No one understood why such acts were not punished with the maximum penalty. final decision. Not at that moment, but later, Juventus equalized in the 80th minute when Vlahović headed precisely into the center of Illing Junior. On his only occasion within half an hour.

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