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Never personality, never construction, a slow start. Juventus’ match with Benfica from a disaster became a defeat of measure thanks to Iling Junior, placed in the final

Milan triumphantly enters the Champions League on the evening that Juve runs away, taking with them many regrets plus a hope that has changed the face of the match in at least twenty minutes. From a disaster to a defeat of measure, all thanks to Iling Junior, a 19-year-old British boy, impregnable on the left wing. In ten minutes he sank his direct opponent himself until he was replaced, in the other ten he recovered the game by himself almost in line. It wasn’t enough, it couldn’t be enough. Benfica were one of the top four European teams for seventy minutes.

Speed, technique, no fear of the pressure of Juve because he is able to jump it with restarts as before, continuous accelerations. Rafa Silva was the best, but around he had only great performers, from Enzo Fernandez to Joao Mario, up to the boy Antonio Silva who opened the goals. curious that Juve is back in the game when they removed the owners and put the young players. Allegri thought about giving breaks to those who play more and almost unwilling he got back into the game. a strange moral. Except for the final, Juve was much lower, the opponents went close to the fifth goal several times. There has never been construction, never personality in any area of ​​the camp. The opponents ran double and won all the tackles.

The least understandable thing is that Allegri started the game slowly, watching Benfica attack, despite the only need to win. But maybe he couldn’t do anything more. Benfica not afraid of Iling today perhaps the most modern team. While still mysterious what Juve is becoming. The AC Milan man was Leao, his ability to run past the game and play something of his own. There are no strikers like that. This opens up any project at Milan because it has something that the others don’t have. The journey begins again.

October 26, 2022 (change October 26, 2022 | 07:17)

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