Juventus, the shadow of a great ex-troubled Allegri

The rumors of a possible alternation on the bench of the Juventusa team in serious crisis that for the moment will continue to be coached by Merry but that in the future it could probably pass into the hands of another great technician.

Allegri case, compulsory choices for Juventus

In fact, it is unlikely that Juventus will immediately invest to sign a new top-tier coach.

The budget heavily in the red declared yesterday in this sense speaks clearly: now there is no room for maneuver to proceed with other heavy engagements and, therefore, from now to the end of the season Juventus will follow the dictates of Allegri or possibly, if things continue to go wrong, those of a low cost ferryman.

Allegri’s replacement, the indiscretion from England

In June, however, if the trend does not reverse and the Bianconeri do not hit even one of the seasonal goals, things could definitely change.

Faced with a failed year, Agnelli and the Juventus CDA would probably have no problem focusing on a new coach and, in this sense, the indiscretion put into circulation by the Daily Star that would give Antonio Conte ready to consider a call from his old club.

Conte’s situation at Tottenham

The coach from Salento, currently unbeaten and second in the standings with Tottenhamis due to expire at the end of the season and for some time has been negotiating the renewal with Spursa renewal which, however, in the face of the concrete possibility of re-embracing the Juventus environment, could also fade.

The return of Conte in any case would have been sensational seen how the technician left with the property years ago: obviously, behind the scenes, clarifications and reconciliations have arrived, essential to be able to start laying the foundations of a new partnership.

Juventus, Allegri always in the balance: a great ex appears for June Source: Getty Images

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