Juventus, ‘ultimatum’ Tuchel: official announcement

Juventus transfer market, the official revelation on Tuchel’s next moves risks immediately overturning the scenario.

These are hours of feverish waiting at home Juventus. The Board will not make any decisions regarding the position of Max Allegriwhose future, however, is still to be decided, especially if Vlahovic and his teammates do not have to reverse the trend of the last period by return.

Thomas Tuchel © LaPresse

The Livorno coach at the moment remains at the helm of the bench of the “Old Lady”: the Juventus club leaks that it has not taken into consideration the hypothesis of a contact with the possible successor, but it is clear that in the aftermath of the double KO against Benfica and Monza, the rumors concerning the possible exoneration of the former Milan coach are inevitably gaining altitude, supported by the lack of play and results and by the vortex of tension that seems to have engulfed the whole environment in a nefarious way. The “arrow” of Zakaria and Dybala from this point of view they cannot pass over in silence, as well as the frictions, presumed or real, with a part of the locker room. That the confession issued to Sconcerti may have created a further fault line is a hypothesis not to be overlooked at all.

Juventus transfer market, the latest on Tuchel’s future

Juventus, 'ultimatum' Tuchel: official announcement
Thomas Tuchel © LaPresse

One of the profiles placed next to the bench of the Juventus is that of the former Chelsea manager Tuchel. To this end, it is impossible not to pay attention to the latest rumors leaking from England. As reported by the “The Telegraph“, In fact, Tuchel’s stay in the United Kingdom could be limited to 90 days in the event that the German does not find a bench by return of post. Tuchel, in fact, landed in England with a visa for the approval of the Post-Brexit Governing Body: to understand, therefore, if the regulations will be able to guarantee the departure.

To this end, look at the words released by a representative of Tuchel: “We will act in accordance with UK rules and adapt all future plans: final decisions have not been made“. Scenario that places the former Chelsea in a sort of limbo: remember that the name of Tuchel was also compared to Bayern Munich, as Nagelsmann’s heir.

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