Kadrowicz Nawa³ki ended his career at the age of 30. Now the Polish National Team is delivering vegetables

“What is a 30-year-old doing today, who in the past was appointed to the Polish national team by Adam Nawałka, who played 143 matches in the league, and in 2019 he was a Pogoń Szczecin football player?” – asks “Przegląd Sportowy” at the beginning. – I’m enjoying life. I have free weekends, I spend time with my wife, two children, and my dog ​​- begins his story Tomasz Hołota, former football player, incl. Polonii Warszawa, Śląska Wroc³aw and Arminii Bielefeld.

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There is no more ball in the set that Hołota mentions. – Currently, I run a supply company called “Zielona Skrzynka” with my wife, we deliver fruit and vegetables to the restaurant, he reveals. – I go to the stock exchange, I get goods for which customers have placed an order, I choose the best copies. You need to know where to go for the peeled garlic and where to go for the hokkaido pumpkin, explains Hołota.

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– I have already learned everything on this topic. I finish my work at no more than 12 o’clock. Then it is time for a traditional nap, like all my life after training, then everyday and life matters. I run at least three times a week to keep in shape. I have the impression that I moved mentally to life in this world quite quickly, although my wife would probably say that I am not doing well at the moment – adds Hołota.

“As long as the clothes still fit me, it’s not too bad.”

He doesn’t think much about football, although he is healthy. When asked if this is the end, he replies, “I don’t know.” If I got an interesting offer, I would still think about it. But it couldn’t be too far from home …

The last Hołoty club was the second-tier KKS Kalisz, with which they parted ways in August, when they did not decide to extend the contract. – In fact, I had the opportunity to stay in Kalisz or go to Poland, but I hoped that if I returned to Silesia, I would be able to find something in this area – says Hołota, who was born in Katowice.

– My wife and I bought a flat, I wanted to be with my family. So far, children have spent little time with me, and my sons are already seven and three years old – explains Hołota and adds that the plan to return to football simply did not work. “At least for now, though I don’t close the door permanently.” Of course, I’m not in 100% physical shape, but if I got an invitation to sports tests, I would eat a quick diet, train more often and I would be at my disposal. But when there’s nothing on the horizon, it’s hard to self-discipline. I keep telling myself that as long as the clothes still fit me, it’s not that bad – ends the Hołota.

A scandal in the Polish league.  Years of Ineligibility.  He has crossed all boundariesA scandal in the Polish league. Years of Ineligibility. He has crossed all boundaries

Hołota was a solid midfielder in the league. In 2013, Adam Nawałka was even called up for two friendly matches with Slovakia and Ireland, but he did not make his debut in the national team.

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