Kaia Gerber adds two new tattoos to his collection

As we have said on many occasions: once you pop… you can’t stop. And the same thing has happened to Kaia Gerber with the world of tattoothis week , the model has added two new designs to your own collection. In mini size and very fine lines, the daughter of Cindy Crawford taught us in his personal account of Instagram. On this occasion Evan Tattoo it has been entrusted to carry out the new tattoo of the brothers Gerber-Crawford, but also have passed through his hands the squad friends of the model.

Kaia Gerber surprises all his fans with his latest (mini) tattoo

Passion by decorating the arms

A self-embrace in the shape of a heart on the right arm is one of the new designs that the model has decided to portray on your skin. Thin and small in size, the result is simple and wonderful. You have to pay attention to realize that this “heart” is about two arms that cross each other.

Kaia Geber Tattoo 03

On the side of his left wrist, Kaia Gerber chose to translate a small bouquet of flowers, delicate and classic. Size micho, the result is simple, classic but very business.

Kaia Geber Tattoo 02

In addition, Presley Gerber -the brother of Kaia-, decorated their toes with a “HAHA” in letter post and typography too thin.

Evan Tattoo 03

Evan Tattoo, tattoo artist from all over the squad

Charlotte Lawrence and Charlotte d’alessio (ex-girlfriend of Presley Gerber) have also passed through the hands of Evan Tattoo to decorate their body parts. While the singer is decantaba by the famous hat/elephant from The little Prince, the model opted for a small spider.

Evan Tattoo 02

Charlotte Lawrence with one of the most famous images of The little Prince (Photo: Instagram @evantattoo)

Evan Tattoo 01

The model Charlote d’alessio and his new spider (Photo: Instagram @evantattoo)

Photos | Instagram @evantattoo

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