Kaka reveals why Neymar has not yet been elected best in the world

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The last Brazilian elected the best in the world by FIFA, Kaka believes that Neymar has been at various times as the main football player, but that many variables have prevented PSG’s number 10 from winning the long-awaited award.

When questioned by Jornal Estadão, the former player, owner of the best in the world award in 2007, said that Brazilian players did not fail to enchant the world, but pointed out the reasons why Neymar has not yet been chosen as the most complete in the world. year even in his best phase at Barcelona.

“No, I don’t. I think at various points in Neymar’s career he was the best player in the world. The issue of the award has some variables – which I think he didn’t fit in -, which is to win a title being a protagonist. When he won the Champions League (in 2015), even though he was one of the protagonists and top scorer of the competition, Messi was still a little bit above”, began the former athlete.

“I think these factors were the only ones that made him not receive the award, but at various points in his career I believe that Neymar was performing as the best player in the world. People continue to love it,” he added.

Kaka believes in Brazil in the World Cup

About the World Cup dispute at the end of the year in Qatar, Kaká believes that the Brazilian team led by the experienced coach Tite can do a good campaign. For him, Brazil is one of the favorites in the World Cup.

“I am very optimistic about this selection. I believe that Brazil is one of the favourites, and they have two points that are very important to me. One is the maintenance of Tite even after the defeat in the last Cup (against Belgium, in the quarterfinals). He has had this complete cycle and has already lived through a World Cup, it won’t be new for him. He had this time of four, five years testing players, different situations, seeing the maturation of some, others that passed. This whole process is very rich for selection. The other point is the emergence of new players. Today we talk about Raphinha, Antony and Vinícius Jr., extremely promising, already winners. Vinícius has just been champion of the Champions, Raphinha being considered by the big European clubs, Antony too. Not to mention others, Richarlison himself who comes very well. I think that this mix of a very good youth, with a very good experience – Daniel Alves, I don’t know if he will be there, but he has participated in this process -, Thiago Silva, Casemiro himself who is extremely successful, Neymar. I think this mix is ​​very favorable”, said Kaká.

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