Kaley Cuoco’s ‘celebrity crush’ embarrassingly ruins her baby shower with Tom Pelphrey


  • Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey threw a fabulous baby shower that was ruined by Cuoco’s celebrity crush, Brad Pitt.
  • This isn’t Pitt’s first time crashing an event, he previously crashed a wedding while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • Reporters and guests alike agreed that having Brad Pitt crashing your party would be a welcome surprise. Cuoco is now enjoying life as a mother.

Looking at pictures and videos, Kaley Cuoco Tom Pelphrey sure knows how to throw a baby shower. It looked like a great party, plus, there was a guest no one was looking forward to. Ironically, Cuoco has spoken about the celebrity in the past, calling him her celebrity crush.

We’ll reveal who the A-list actor is, while taking a closer look at the idea of ​​him showing up at the party. In fact, this isn’t the actor’s first crash.During the filming, he also crashed into a wedding Mr and Mrs Smith years ago.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on and more.


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Brad Pitt admits he crashed Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelfrey’s baby shower

We have to assume this is at least a little awkward for Kaley Cuoco, since she revealed in an interview with W magazine that Brad Pitt is her favorite celebrity.Cuoco said brad pitt“, “Brad Pitt. I do not care. Until he’s 80, I’ll still consider him the hottest guy around. I will never change my mind. He gets hotter, he gets cooler. He keeps getting better.

Well, the “becoming cooler” guy showed up at Cuoco’s baby shower, and it turns out it all happened organically. Pete was asked about his recent party crash, and he made a surprising reference to Kelly and Tom Pelfrey’s baby shower.

Pitt revealed, “I was at a party last week,” he told reporters. “It was an adorable baby shower for Tom Pelphrey and Kaley Cuoco. It was an epic party in itself. I blew it, I really blew it.”


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Comments and reactions from reporters were largely the same, agreeing that having Brad Pitt crash your party isn’t the worst thing, on the contrary, they’re more than welcome to it.

Brad Pitt also crashed a wedding while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It’s no surprise, but Brad Pitt recalled crashing a wedding while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. To everyone’s surprise, Pitt revealed the couple was okay with it.

“I crashed a wedding,” the star recalled. He continued, “It was on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We were shooting in this Deco building downtown, with the penthouse above Here we kept seeing people walking around.”

Brad Pitt did one of those things
By: Instar

“It was a wedding, so I crashed it. But they were okay with it.”

Pitt has said in the past that he’s “not shy” when it comes to partying, and in this case, he was totally fine with joining in on the festivities.


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As for Kaley Cuoco, the popular actress seems to be in a different stage of life these days. The actress returned to the public during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel where she discussed her current responsibilities as a mother.

Kaley Cuoco recently revealed what her ‘mom life’ is really like these days

Kaley Cuoco has a lot to say during Jimmy Kimmel Live Interviews, including parenting moments related to her daughter’s first flight.

Cuoco was very nervous about the experience, “I was very scared,” Cuoco told Kimmel. “So I thought, ‘What are we going to do? ‘We have to bring his stereo on the plane. “It was the only thing she could sleep on. “

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey hit the red carpet
By Instar

She continued: “So she was crying. That was pretty hard. “She finally fell asleep, she was leaning against Tom[Pelphrey, Cuoco’s costar and Matilda’s father]and the stereo was on, We’re finally like (sigh). “

“The flight attendant came over and he said, ‘Hey, one of our passengers would love it if you could turn off the stereo.'” I was sitting there thinking, ‘Oh my God.’ ‘”

“I could feel Tom saying, ‘Hey, ask the passenger if she wants to hold our screaming child while we turn off the power.'” I mean, ice got into his veins. By the way, I can’t believe she asked us to turn it off! “

“We’re very angry,” Cuoco said. “Then we landed and there was this woman in front of us. So we stood up and she said, ‘Oh, turns out your daughter does know how to smile.’ “It was at that moment that I understood why women ended up on Dateline,” Cuoco told Kimmel.

Obviously, the transition to motherhood comes with a lot of ups and downs, but Kylie seems to be loving it.

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