Kamil Stoch exploded after the jump. The repetitions showed why. There is only one positive

The Polish national team in ski jumping is disappointing this season. For the third competition in a row, we watched only two Poles in the second series and the coaches themselves emphasize that our jumpers are far behind the best. However, our staff should be divided and assessed separately. Separately Kamil Stoch and the rest of the Poles separately. Why?

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Kuusamo, the same thing again? “Difficult friendship with the wind”

Stoch exploded with rage

Paradoxically, Kamil Stoch in November is in a pretty good shape considering his jumps so far in previous years this month. It shows definitely more good jumps than weak ones, which in turn is a very good prognosis for TCS and IO. In the test series, Stoch fired a real rocket, flew 141.5 meters and won the test series. In the competition series, he wanted to repeat what he had done several dozen minutes earlier. Unfortunately, the Pole flew “only” 134 meters and immediately exploded with anger towards himself. He started waving his arms and shouting to himself.

The repetitions showed why, and the point was simply that Stoch was extremely late in his jump. The Pole actually bounced off the air. And the part of the power that should have been pressed into the threshold went “in vain.” It seems that this delay could even be about a meter. And if Stoch had hit the threshold by half better, his jump could have ended well beyond 140 meters. It is a miracle that the Pole was able to get 134 meters out of it. – I have too many bad emotions, I don’t know what happened myself. As if some force was trying to destabilize me. There was something wrong with me. I tried to give much less control, because it worked in the trial series, but it did not work in the competition – said Stoch after Saturday’s jumps on TVN.

It was very similar in the second series. Stoch also delayed the jump and flew 128 meters in difficult conditions. Right after his rehearsal, however, he was also very dissatisfied, waving his hands and moving his lips, two bitter words could be read, which make up one curse, quite popular in Poland. In total, Stoch’s two quite unsuccessful jumps gave him a decent result anyway, because the Pole took eighth place. However, he knew perfectly well that in the Saturday competition he could do absolutely everything.

Kamil Stoch after the second roundKamil Stoch after the second round screen Player.pl

Stoch one step away from great form. Let’s keep silent about the rest

– We wanted it to be better. Kamil fired the bomb in the test series, but in the first series he was very late and he ran out of speed in the second phase of the flight – said Adam Ma³ysz in an interview with TVN. He added: – We are definitely too slow in the air. There is no dynamics that causes the jumper to fly higher and faster in the air. Yesterday I spoke with Doleżal who confirmed it. It is difficult to change it during the competition, but they are constantly trying – added Małysz.

Piotr Żyła during the competition in Niżny TagilMałysz absolutely judges the poor start of the Żyły season. “It starts again”

There is no point in judging other players at this point, because they are simply jumping very badly. Dawid Kubacki completely lost his skills. It quickly opens the silhouette on the threshold, takes off very high and has no flying speed, then it falls like a stone. Piotr Żyła’s technique leaves even more to be desired, and the jumps in Kuusamo can simply be called desperate, despite the few points scored on Saturday.

Stoch is at the moment the only optimistic accent for the upcoming competitions. And it is not surprising that he reacted so aggressively to his mistake. The Pole knew very well that with this attempt there was a great chance to make a very good jump, possibly at TOP3. The good prognosis, however, is that Stoch knows where he is making mistakes and is really close to achieving a form that will even allow him to stand on the podium.

On Saturday, Ryoyu Kobayashi proved to be the best, ahead of Anże Laniska with an advantage of 5.6 points. Markus Eisenbichler completed the podium. The best Pole, Kamil Stoch, was eighth. Piotr Żyła was 23.

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