Kamil Stoch’s wife defends her husband and responded sharply to the journalist

In the current season, Polish jumpers are below their abilities. This was confirmed by the first two competitions of the 70th Four Hills Tournament, in which the Biało-Czerwoni fared badly. During Monday’s qualification for the competition in Innsbruck, the fans hoped for a breakthrough. Unfortunately, our jumpers presented average, and Kamil Stoch took only 59th place and did not qualify.

After the competition, Łukasz Jachimiak, a journalist from Sport.pl, started to wonder what was happening with “Orzel z Zębu” in social media.

“How many times can you repeat that you have to be patient and that it will surprise you? How many times can you reject every change proposal? Kamil Stoch is too great a master to take places 40-60. Here you really have to act, look, try, and not wait! ” – he wrote.

The wife of an outstanding jumper reacted to the journalist’s entry. Ewa Bilan-Stoch stood up for her husband.

“You really think that such a” too great master “does not work, does not seek, does not try? So what does he do?

Łukasz Jachimiak decided to answer Kamil Stoch’s wife.

“Ewa (we are not on” Pan “https://news.google.com/” Pani “), I did not say that I think so. I think that Kamil does everything that he stands on his eyelashes! someone should convince him that it would be better to let go for a moment, catch his breath and try to put it together calmly. Otherwise “- he added.

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