Kamil Usmanov, emerging pianist

Kamil Usmanov, this name may not mean anything to you yet. This young music producer and pianist on the rise from Geneva. Raised in La Servette, this virtuoso is now a renowned musician in Paris. The artist has two faces between classical music and rap.

Piano, more than an instrument, is a passion. Kamil Usmanov was immersed in music since childhood. A mixed relationship developed between him and his art. “From the moment I play the first note, I create my own bubble: I feel like there’s no one around me anymore,” he explains. The Russian-born Genevan was raised in a musical family. He studied at the famous conservatories of Geneva and Moscow.

Soon, his talent resonates. Kamil Usmanov grew up in the Servette district and has always been interested in urban music. The pianist made his mark by adapting one of Renaud’s famous tunes in a song by rapper Booba. Social network as a springboard. Kamil is now signed to a label in Paris. Since then, he has earned millions of views collaborating with big names in French rap. Like Damso, Dinos, Mace, Kobaladi, Lacrim or even Ninho.

mix of styles

Still anchored in Geneva, this virtuoso continues to impress people through his tunes. “Urban, like Classic, has talents! You have to know how to be open to multiple horizons. Mixing these mediums in there, that’s what characterizes my music for me, justifies the young man. His family members are convinced of his talent. “Emotionally, it can send something very powerful, it conveys a message, it tells a story. It is true that when you get inspired by this kind of music, then only you say to yourself “Yeah, something else has been made”, explains his sister Farida.

With a flawless career, Kamil Usmanov knows no bounds. He imagines collaborating with Drake or filling in for Burcy, him and his piano. In the meantime, Virtuoso will be releasing his first solo project this fall.

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